Contemporary Issues

(Current Updates for UPSC Exam)

National Current Issues for IAS Exam

AYUSH: Benefits and Challenges

AYUSH is the acronym of the medical systems that are being practiced in India such as Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy.

White paper on data protection framework

Government-appointed Justice B.N. Srikrishna committee released a white paper to prepare a data protection framework.

Ordinance making power and role of judiciary

Article 123 of the Constitution grants the President certain law making powers to promulgate Ordinances when either of the two Houses of Parliament is not in session and hence it is not possible to enact laws in the Parliament.


The term ‘Under-trial’ denotes an unconvicted prisoner i.e. one who has been detained in prison during the period of investigation.

Drugs Menace in India

Drug abuse is a patterned use of a drug in which the user consumes the substance in amounts or with methods which are harmful to themselves or others.


The doctrine of rule of law has its origin in England and it is one of the fundamental characteristics of the British constitutional system.


India has great potential to become a developed nation by 2020 if it refocus attention on the system of Education.

National Population Register

The National Population Register (NPR) is a comprehensive identity database to be maintained by the Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India

Shyam Benegal Committee Report on CBFC

Films are considered as a great medium of communication with the people. With the development and progress of the society and also with the progress in the field of science and technology the films have

Draft National Policy for Women – 2016

The Draft National Policy for Women - 2016 has been released by the Women and Child Development Minister.

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International Current Issues for IAS Exam


One of the characteristics of China’s ‘peaceful rise’ has been its endeavour to control environment, demonstrated mainly by its dam-building policy.


In 2013, China and Pakistan announced plans to construct an economic corridor to connect Uygur Autonomous Region with the southwestern Pakistani port of Gwadar.

India’s Africa Policy

India has had centuries-old connections with Africa with brisk travel and trade across the Indian Ocean, colonial linkages and ties forged in the post-colonial days of South-South cooperation and Third World solidarity.


Numbers of migrants and refugees have been streaming into European countries, hoping to obtain asylum,from West Asia, Africa and Central Asia by crossing the Mediterranean sea or via southeast Europe. The wave was started during 2007 � 2011, the highest being in2011, as thousands of Tunisians started to arrive at the Italian island of Lampedusa following the onset of the Arab Spring. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, as of October 2015, 75% of the over half a mi


UNSC established in 1946, is the organ of the UN tasked with the maintenance of security and establishment of Peacekeeping operations.

The Trade and Development Report (TDR) 2016: UNCTAD

The Trade and Development Report (TDR) 2016: "Structural Transformation For Inclusive And Sustained Growth"

World Economic Forum’s- Global competitiveness Index 2016-2017

The Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017 assesses the competitiveness landscape of 138 economies,

Comparison of RCEP and TPP

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), originally conceived by 10-nation Association of South-east Asian Nations (ASEAN),

Heart of Asia Conference

The Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process (HOA) is an international governmental organization that was founded on November 2nd, 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Permanent Court of Arbitration

PCA is an intergovernmental organization established by treaty at the First Hague Peace Conference,

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Science Tech Current Issues for IAS Exam


Recently Narmada Control Authority (NCA) has cleared the final raising of Sardar Sarovar Dam (SSD) in Gujarat.


Yammuna Action Plan River Yamuna is one of the major rivers in India and also a major tributary to India’s largest river - river Ganges.

Concept of Environmental Ethics

Man's endeavor to evolve a mutually re-enforcing relationship with nature is age old, however if this creative relationship would not have been established, life on the planet Earth would have disappeared long ago.

Issue related to Landfills

With growing population and rapid urbanization, waste generation in India has increased significantly in India. 62 million tons of waste are generated each year in India out of which 43 million tons are solid waste.Amongst the solid waste collected, 11.9 million (22-28%) are treated and 31 million (72-78%) are dumped at landfill


Digital India is an ambitious project of Government of India to provide the government services to the people at the doorstep through broadband connectivity.

Role of ISRO in rural development

Space technology, as the powerful enabler, provides a variety of vital inputs for holistic and rapid development of rural areas and villages in specific. India has been among the world leaders in developing end-to-end capability in both satellite remote sensing and communication.

The National Hydrology Project (NHP)

The Project is to improve reliability and accuracy of Hydrology and Ground Water data throughout India and to improve access to this information.

Internet Governance

Internet's root lie in the development of a communication apparatus that the US military was keen to develop in the context of the bitter struggle with

Types of ATM fraud

In the recent past there has been a rise in the number of banking frauds related to ATM card transactions and fraudsters are using new techniques to rob customers of their savings.

RED STAG- Critically Endangered

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (UCN) is going to declare the Kashmiri Red Stag

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Economy Current Issues for IAS Exam

Agriculture Land Leasing

Land distribution was quite skewed in favor of influential people during the British rule and therefore, land leasing was very common during that period.


In recent state elections in UP winning political party had made a promise to waive farm loan. This has raised farmers expectation in other states as well, especially poll bounded .

Gist of Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2015-2020

FTP 2015-20 provides a framework for increasing exports of goods and services as well as generation of employment and increasing value addition in the country, in line with the ‘Make in India’ programme.

NITI AAYOG proposed Three Year Action Agenda

NITI Aayog has circulated the draft “Three Year Action Agenda” to its governing council (which comprises all chief ministers) for review.  The Three-Year Action Agenda covers the last years of the Fourteenth Finance Commission I.E. The

New Monetary Policy Framework to handle inflation

Concept Builder -2: New Monetary Policy Framework to handle inflation


Contract farming is the process of agricultural production carried out according to an agreement between unequal parties, companies, government bodies or individual entrepreneurs on one side and economically weaker farmers on the other which establishes conditions for the production and marketing of farm products.

Revisiting And Revitalising Public Private Partnership Model Of Infrastructure Dr. Vijay Kelkar Chairman

Investment in infrastructure in India has posed a challenge in the last few years. Not only are there reports of delayed or stalled infrastructure


Recently government has released the National Civil Aviation Policy. The policy aims to take flying to the masses by making it affordable and convenient,

Nachiket Mor Committee

The "Committee on Comprehensive Financial Services for Small Businesses and Low Income Households" was set up by the RBI under the chairmanship of Nachiket Mor.

Role of diaspora in Economic development

Diaspora means “to scatter” in Greek, but today we use the term to describe a community of people who live outside their shared country

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Society Current Issues for IAS Exam

Newborn child trafficking racket in India

Human trafficking is often referred to as the modern day equivalent of slavery. Both slavery and human trafficking are moral wrongs.


The practice of manual cleaning of sewers without safety equipments is not only violation of the laws of the land but reflects the inhuman attitude towards certain sections of society.


Panchayats have been the backbone of grassroot democracy in the Indian villages since its beginning. Gandhi had aptly favoured the panchayati raj and his dream got translated.

Annual Status of Education Report, 2016

The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) is a household survey that provides estimates of children’s schooling status and their ability to read simple text and do basic arithmetic.

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