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Topical Analysis
Pesticides and Farmers Health in India

Contemporary Issues

  • Bank Recapitalization Program
  • Adverse Effects of Indoor Air Pollution
  • Andaman Sea Region: India Eyes for Military Expansion
  • Ferry Service: Benefits and Status
  • Human Rights Watch World Report
  • Ground Reality of Open Defecation Scheme
  • Law Commission Report on United Nations Convention Against Torture
  • Boosting Horticulture Through Remote Sensing
  • Climate Change Taking A Toll on Global Health
  • Fiscal Deficit and its Impact
  • Rajasthan Ordinance is Against Free Speech
  • Telengana: Tribal Hamlets to Village Panchayat Status
  • Legal Entity Identifier
  • U.S. Pulls out of UNESCO
  • How to Promote Indian Entrepreneurship?
  • Why it is Difficult to Clean Up Ganga?
  • Sexual Misconduct and Idea of Naming Shaming
  • Environmental Compliance and Enforcement in India
  • Sanitation and Nutrition Linkage


Topical Analysis
Systemic Crisis in India’s Urban Transport Infrastructure

Contemporary Issues

  • Critical Analysis of Draft Energy Policy
  • Living Will and Euthanasia
  • T.K. Visanathan Committee on Hate Speech
  • Stubble Burning and its Impact
  • Police Modernization Scheme
  • Demonetisation and its Impact on Microfinance Sector
  • Why Drop-out Levels are High in India?
  • Broad Based Trade and Investment Agreement (India-EU FTA Talks)
  • Critical Analysis of Stand up India Scheme
  • Non Lethal Weapons to Control Crowd and Laws Related to it
  • Global Slavery Index Report
  • Bottom Trawling to Deep Sea Fishing: Sustainable Fishing
  • Poor Status of Border Infrastructure in India
  • Supreme Court Judgments on Rape
  • Race for Resources in Central Asia
  • SPAIN Hit by Constitutional Crisis
  • Global Hunger Index, 2017
  • Firecracker Ban by Supreme Court
  • New PPP Policy

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