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Current Analyst: (1 – 15) Apr, 2016

1.1 Liquor Ban in Bihar
1.2 Start Up India Portal and Mobile App Launched
1.3 Mandatory Educational and other criterias for Haryana Urban Local Bodies election
1.4 Indian Intellectual Property Panorama
1.5 Madhukar Gupta Committee on Indo-Pak border
1.6 B. B. Tandon Committee to monitor Government Advertisements
1.7 Simultaneous Election for 3 tiers
1.8 Revamping Medical Council of India
1.9 Model Building Byelaws
1.10 Draught in Marathwada
1.11 Kollar Fire tragedy
1.12 New Domicile Policy of Jharkhand
1.13 Grand Innovation Challenge
1.14 Maharashtra Prohibition of Obscene Dance in Hotels, Restaurants and Bar Rooms and Protection of Dignity of Women (WORKING THEREIN) ACT, 2016
1.16 Social Boycott Law in Maharashtra

2.1 Prime Minister’s visit to Saudi Arabia
2.2 MoU between India & UAE to check human trafficking
2.3 Ceasefire in Yemen
2.4 Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA)
2.5 Canadian PM on Komagata Maru incident
2.6 4th Nuclear Security Summit: Significance

3.1 Cabinet approves recommendations of 14th Finance Commission on fiscal deficit targets
3.2 RBI’s recent shift of stance
3.3 Sebi seeks to ease FPI regulations further
3.4 RAJASTHAN becomes First state to Pass Titling law
3.5 Centre planning to scrap interest subvention scheme
3.6 Govt plans push for hydro power
3.7 RBI issues guidelines on priority sector lending certificates
3.8 Finance Ministry notified rules pertaining to establishment of Senior Citizens Welfare Fund
3.9 Bank Deposit growth lowest in 53 years
3.10 FPI outflow highest since 2008 crisis
3.11Why Agriculture Land leasing Should be legalized in India?
3.12 New jobs generation falls in first 9 months of 2015
3.13 E-portal launched to link wholesale agri markets
3.14 RBI cuts maturity of masala bonds to three years to raise their appeal
3.15 Doubling Farmers income by 2022
3.16 1st Maritime Summit
3.17 UNIDO places India at 6th position in top-10 manufacturers list
3.18 In 2015, global trade declined 13% to 16.5 trillion in value terms
3.19 Govt eases rules for foreign firms to set up branches in India
3.20 Inflation slows down and factory output positive after 3 months
3.21 Inflation slows down and factory output positive after 3 months

4.1 Union Government Planning to Bring National social Media policy
4.3 To prevent Pathankot-like attacks, India plans 5-layer ‘lock’ at Pakistan border

5.1 Unified Payment Interface
5.2 Indian Red Cross Society launches world’s first Blood Banking App
5.3 Government Launches Intellectual Property Information Portal
5.4 Planet with triple-star system found
5.5 Norms eased for spectrum allotted administratively
5.6 Smart contact lens
5.7 Galaxy NGC 1600- Host Monster Black hole
5.8 A new state of matter detected
5.9 Artifical comet decodes life’s origin on earth
5.10 Philippines rolls out world’s first dengue vaccine

6.1 National Hydrology Project (NHP)
6.2 Draft wetland management rules
6.3 Government notifies new rules on Solid waste Management
6.4 New Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules Notified
6.5 World’s first ‘White Tiger Safari’ thrown open to public
6.6 Krill over Fishing in Antarctica
6.7 Govt. launches two new energy efficiency schemes
6.8 Biomethanation
6.9 Tiger population rises by 22%
6.10 Newly found species of algae might help corals survive in warm waters

7.1 125th Birth Anniversary of B. R. Ambedkar
7.2 Shani Shingnapur Row: Finally Women Enter the Inner Sanctum

8.1 Mission Indradhanush: initiation of 3rd Phase
8.2 Swasth Bharat Mobile App


9.1 First NIRF Survey
9.2 Adarsh Vidyalaya Project of Odisha
9.3 NEET
9.4 Transnational Skill Standards in India
9.5 Minority Status of AMU