Current Analyst: (1 – 15) Feb, 2016

Focus Issues

  1. NPA issue in India : An Analysis
  2. Should Siachen be Demilitarized Zone: Pros & Cons


  1. Polity + Constitution + Governance + Social Issues
  • Draft SC revisits anti-defection law
  • Should Homosexuality be decrimininalised (Section 377)?
  • Women to be ‘Karta of Hindu undivided family’: Delhi HC
  • Why dominant castes in India are asking for reservation?
  • 10 Years of MNREGA: An Evaluation
  • Project Sunrise for AIDS
  • Common test for admission into medical colleges
  • Act against Devadasi system, SC tells States
  • Punjab and Haryana HC order on joining of pregnant women in Army
  • Financial Reforms in Municipal Bodies (A case of Delhi)
  • Hydrocarbon vision 2030 for North-east
  • National Framework for Elimination of Malaria 2016-2030
  • Karnataka Mobile One project
  • Suicide the leading cause of death in 15-29 age group
  • 2ndNational Deworming initiative
  1. Indian Economy + Schemes     
  • Companies Law Committee recommendation on the Companies Act, 2013
  • Government panel to bring coherence between Direct & Indirect taxes
  • India’s Ist Defense Industrial Park
  • FII Pull out in January, highest in 8 years (An Analysis)
  • IRDA Issues new Reinsurance Guidelines
    • TRAI recommends PPP model for BharatNet project:
  • Core sector Growth in December down to 0.9%
  • NPA  issue in India : An Analysis
  • Import of duty free capital goods for power sector banned
  • Why Deflation is bad for economy: case of zero inflation
  • India’s domestic passenger traffic in airlines grew 20% in 2015, Highest in the world
  • Bank Account Portability
  • IIP negative for IInd consecutive month: reasons and analysis
  • Ease of doing business; Government to soon introduce Business Identification Number for companies
  • Electronics Development Fund (EDF)
  • Land Leasing in India : Challenges & Reforms
  • Madhya Pradesh Gets its Ist Mega Food Park
  1. International Relations + Defense + Security
  • Bangladesh Cabinet approves draft of Citizenship Law, 2016
  • Trans Pacific Partnership
  • Vice President’s visit to Brunei: key takeaways
  • New Pharma rule of US & its impact on Indian Pharmaceuticals
  • India to participate in Cobra Gold 2016 military exercise in Thailand
  • India ratifies Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage
  • Afganistan CEO visit to India
  • India -EU Free Trade Agreement talks
  • Should Siachen be demilitarized zone: pros & cons
  • India-UAE relations in the backdrop of crown prince visit to India
  • Ist joint tactical exercise Sino-India Cooperation, 2016
  • 9th Indo-Nepal Combined Battalion level Military Training Exercise ‘Surya Kiran’
  • Hindu Marriage Bill 2015 approved in Pakistan
  • Maldive’s crisis: warrant issued against Maldives President
  • 7th India, Seychelles joint military exercise LAMITYE, 2016
  1. Environment + Geography                
  • Borehole Geophysics Research Laboratory (BGRL)
  • NWAF (National Wildlife Action Plan) Draft unvieled
  • Paper waste turned into non-toxic green Aerogel for Ist time
  • Deep sea planktons as effective carbon sinks
  • Governemnt proposes to from National Water Commission
  • New species of Hydroid Polyps emitting Green fluorescence discovered in Red Sea
  • Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection of (ICAO) International Civil Aviation  Organization proposed binding carbon emission standards for Aviation industry
  • Antarctica influencing weather in tropics
  • Review of Progress of Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP)
  1. Science & Technology
  • K. grants ‘Gene Editing’ license
  • (WHO) World Health Organisation accords (PQP) A Pearls Qualified Professional certification
    to Indian vaccine maker Green Signal to Bio Pharma
  • (CL) Compulsory Licensing in manufacturing may slow investments: EU
  • India, NASA join hands for Astrobiology mission
  • GM Mustard Hybrid issue
  • Spacecraft Aditya gets ready to gaze at the Sun
  • Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) ruling on Net neutrality: issues and analysis
  • Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) gives Geographical Indication (GI) tag for basmati rice from Indo-gangetic plains
  • Discovery : Anti-hydrogen atoms are neutral ( Anti matter)
  • US President unveils Cyber Security National action plan
  • Internet Readiness Index: Index of Internet Readiness of Indian States (IIRIS) report
  • 2nd International fleet review at Vishakhapatnam
  • India ranked 37 in USSC’s 2016 Intellectual Property Index
  • Neem extract may help treat pancreatic cancer