Current Analyst: (1 – 15) Feb , 2017

Cover Story : Robot Tax and the Future of Employment

Special Story
•    Freebies Politics in India
•    Monetary Policy Committee Review
•    Women Voices in Elections
•    Chennai Oil Spill—Issue, Impact and Solution
•    GI Tag—Meaning and Significance
•    Make in India in Defence: Real or Rhetoric?
•    North Korea Test Ballistic Missile
•    Women Safety and Government Initiatives
•    Politicization of the Post of Governor
•    Policy on Synthetic Biology
•    Phasing Out of FIPB
•    National Sex Offender Registry
•    Leachate of Groundwater in Urban Areas
•    Companies Need to Look Beyond CSR
•    Lancet Report on Healthcare Spending
•    Nagaland Issue
•    Forest Fires as Part of Ecosystem
•    US Sanctions on Iran
•    Sub-Prime Crisis in the Making
•    Miscellaneous News