Current Analyst: (16 – 30) Apr , 2017

Cover Story: Usage of Generic Medicines: Critical Analysis

 Special Issues

  • Wildlife Crimes in India
  • Liquor Ban on Highways: Critical Analysis
  • Repercussions of making Hindi Compulsory
  • Status of Wind Energy in India
  • Groundwater Level Depletion in India
  • Why India Needs a Data Security Policy
  • Election Commission Seeks Funds for Paper Trail Units
  • Digital Sovereignty
  • Amendments Proposed in Child Labout Act
  • Curb on VIP Culture
  • Issue of Cattle Smuggling and UID
  • Indian Railway Tourism Policy: 2017
  • Consumer Get Free Hand on Paying Service Charge
  • Extradition and the United Kingdom
  • Melting of Antarctic and its Impact
  • Advocates (Amendment) Bill, 2017 Controversy
  • Proposal of Multi-modal Transport System
  • Concept of Willful Defaulter
  • SC for Equal Pay to Paramilitary Officers
  • Supreme Court Proposes Broad Anti-torture Legislation
  • Concept of Bad Bank
  • China-Nepal Military Exercise
  • Status of Widows

Prelims News