IAS Prelims 2019: All India Mock Test (OMR Based)
Across 20 Cities
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Current Analyst: (16 – 30) June , 2017

Topical Analysis:

Contemporary Issues
• China’s Dams & Regional Security Implications
• New Procurement Policy with Tit-for-Tat Provisions
• Impact of New Cattle Rules on Farmers: An Analysis
• Dam and Fishing: Positive and Negative Impacts
• Implementation Issues in GST
• Critical Analysis of India-Based Neutrino Observatory
• Issue of Organ Trafficking in India
• Greenfield and Brownfield Investments
• Is India Prepared for Handling Zika Virus?
• Road Safety Risks and Preventive Measures
• Procedure for Removal of Judges: Critical Analysis
• Daily Dynamic Price Revision: Critical Analysis
• BIMSTEC at 20: Prospects and Challenges
• Gender Budgeting: Critical Analysis
• Exit Issues and Insolvency Resolution Process
• Role of P.C. Mahalanobis in Nation Building
• India Ageing Report 2017
• China and MSCI Index
• Executive Crisis in Puducherry
• EU’s Fine on Google
• Issue of Land Degradation
• The Paradox of Innovation
• Gorkhaland Crisis
• Government Limitations in Job Creation
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