IAS Prelims 2019: All India Mock Test (OMR Based)
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Current Analyst: (16-31) August, 2017

Topical Analysis
Personal Laws and Women

Contemporary Issues 

  • NITI Aayog Report on Ease of Doing Business
  • Institutional Arbitration in India: A Way to Improve ‘Enforcement of Contracts’
  • Laws Related to Stalking in India
  • JAM and its Significance
  • Alternative Schooling System in India
  • How Shell Companies are used in Black Money?
  • Call Drops Issue
  • Right to Privacy
  • How Syria Continues to Gas its People
  • Corporate Governance: Role of SEBI
  • Urban Flooding: Manmade Disaster
  • Debate on the Issue of Marital Rape
  • Rebooting India Nepal Ties
  • Political Turmoil in Maldives
  • Rohingya Issue and India
  • US Afghan Policy
  • Data Protection Law in India Needed
  • Why Indian Railway is Accident Prone?
  • Value Creation Mechanism for Urban Infrastructure
  • Dismal Public Healthcare System