IAS Prelims 2019: All India Mock Test (OMR Based)
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Current Analyst: (16-31) July, 2017

Topical Analysis
Big Data and Privacy Issues 

Contemporary Issues

  • CAG Report on Ammunitions Management System
  • NITI Aayog on Privatization of Urban Health Care
  • Demography and Policy Planning
  • J&K and Article 35A
  • Issue of Food Wastage
  • How to Cope up with Deglobalization Trend
  • Cow Vigilante Violence: What’s the Solution
  • Lateral Entry into Civil Services
  • Plastic Pollution
  • Ordinance Making Power in India
  • Artificial Intelligence and Society
  • Social Audit
  • Eco-bridges and Biodiversity Management
  • Law Commission Report on Human DNA Profiling
  • Role of Women Tech Park in Women Empowerment
  • Garbage Dumping and its Evironmental Impact
  • Is President a mere Rubber Stamp?
  • Wildlife Coalition and their Role
  • Criminalization of Politics
  • Multilateral Negotiations for a Nuclear Weapons Ban
  • Supreme Court Judgment on Dowry