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Ethics Classes
  • The programme has been designed to cater the needs of students who cannot attend the classes
  • Comprehensive coverage of syllabus of GS Paper 4 alongwith other dimensions related to core topic not mentioned in the syllabus
  • Answer writing and case study session will be held after completion of each Unit. The session will focus on methodology of writing a good answer, to understand the basic crux of the question, articulated answer structure, etc.
  • Complete study material covering basic as well as applied part of the topics in lucid language will be provided. SUBTOPIC LISTING
  • The study material will be dispatched within one week of enrolment
  • 200+ questions practice workbook containing questions of both Section A and Section B alongwith hints will be provided
  • Solved previous year papers will also be provided
Session 1

Introductory lecture to discuss about the sub-topics in syllabus, the inter-relation between the topics using previous year questions.

Session 2

Ethics and Human Interface (Part 1) covering basic definition of Ethics, Essence of Ethics, different theories related to the concept of Ethics.

Session 3

Ethics and Human Interface (Part 2) continues with the essence and theories of ethics covering utilitarianism, justice theory, rights approach, etc. it also cover Determinants of Ethics.

Session 4

It covers consequences of ethics and its linkage with Integrity i.e. ethical crisis in the governance and role of integrity in it.

Session 5

It covers Ethics in Public and Private Relations, values required and inter-linkage between the two.

Session 6

CASE STUDY SESSION – Method of writing a case study, different forms of case studies, etc.

Session 7

Human Values (Part 1) covering link between values, morality and Ethics.

Session 8

Human Values (Part 2) covering basic definition of Human values, approach related to human values such as Freedom, creativity, etc.

Session 9

Discussion of ANSWER WRITING SESSION. It covers discussion of questions and how to improve the writing methodology.

Session 10

Human Values (Part 3) covering values in Work life, professional ethics, business ethics.

Session 11

CASE STUDY SESSION – common mistakes and how to rectify them.

Session 12

Human Values (Part 4) covering concept of value crisis, role of family, educational institutions and society in value education. It also covers Lessons from life of leaders, thinkers.

Session 13

Foundational Values for Civil services (Part 1) covering civil service values and role of civil services in democratic societies.

Session 14

Foundational Values for Civil services (Part 2) discussing various foundational values as compassion, Neutrality, objectivity, etc.

Session 15

Foundational Values for Civil services (Part 3) covering concept of aptitude, core competencies associated with civil services.

Session 16


Session 17

Ethics in Public Administration (Part 1) introduce concept of Ethics in Public Administration, ethical dilemmas faced by them, changing role of civil services with respect to political situation.

Session 18

Ethics in Public Administration (Part 2) covers recommendations of Second ARC with respect to maintaining ethics in public administration. Different approaches of handling corruption as code of conduct, code of ethics, etc.

Session 19

Ethics in Public Administration (Part 3) covers sources of ethical guidance.

Session 20

Ethics in Public Administration (Part 4) covers concept of accountability with focus on concept of social accountability.

Session 21

It covers concept of emotional intelligence, importance of it in civil services

Session 22

ANSWER WRITING AND CASE STUDY SESSION - how to bring objectivity in answer writing

Session 23

It covers concept of good governance, meaning of probity in governance, corporate governance, Citizen Charter and importance of transparency and information sharing in governance.

Session 24

It covers concept of attitude, link between behavior and attitude formation, meaning of persuasion and its importance.

Session 25

It covers applied ethics topics such as media ethics, ethics in sports surrogacy, smoking, etc.

Session 26

It covers applied ethics topics such asEthics in Public and Private Relationships, Ethics related to Economic sanctions, Euthanasia, Food adulteration and ethics, etc.

  • Students will be given user ID & password to access the class on our website.
  • Account for online classes will be activated within two days of enrollment.
  • Video will be actual recording of our classroom program.
  • One Session Video will be accesible three times.
  • One Session will expire in 24 hrs in a particular system (PC/Mobile/ Tablet).
  • If you will login from another system session count will increase.
  • Study material will be sent by courier.
  • Study material will be unit wise.
  • Video will be active in your account for 4 months from the date of enrollment.
  • Student can view the video atmost three times.
  • Tests will be uploaded in pdf format in your account.
  • For technical assistance call 9873870114
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