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ABL - Assessment Based Learning

A reliable method to qualify IAS Exam

Batch 1 - Morning

Starts: 22nd June, 2018

Timing: 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM (Mon. to Fri.)

Batch 2 - Evening

Starts: 26th July, 2018

Timing: 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM (Mon. to Fri.)

Batch 3 - Weekend

Starts: 14th July, 2018

Timing: 11:00 AM - 7:30 PM (Sat. & Sun.)

Call: 8448496262 OR QUICK ENQUIRY

Live: Do's and Don'ts for IAS 2019: Open session by Manoj K Jha and Dr. Piyush Choubey

IAS Foundation 2019: Assessment Based Learning (ABL) Program Apporach

IAS Foundation 2019: The Right Approach, Open Session by Ashutosh Pandey and Dr. Piyush Choubey

Program Highlights

  • It covers entire general studies syllabus for Prelims and Mains examination including Essay.
  • Conceptual part of entire syllabus will be covered alongwith Class tests to establish the sound foundation for each student.
  • Programme includes all the Test Series, Writing Practice Sessions and personal interaction with the experts for better Assessment.
  • Current affairs material and classes for both Prelims and Mains will be provided.


GS Pre-Cum-Mains (Classroom): Rs. 95,000/- (+ GST)

GS Pre-Cum-Mains + optional (Classroom): Rs. 1,20,000/- (+ GST)

GS Pre-Cum-Mains (Online): Rs. 80,500/- (+ GST)

GS Pre-Cum-Mains + optional (Online): Rs. 1,10,500/- (+ GST)

GS Pre-Cum-Mains + CSAT (Classroom): Rs. 1,05,000/- (+ GST)

GS Pre-Cum-Mains + CSAT + optional (Classroom): Rs. 1,30,000/- (+ GST)

GS Pre-Cum-Mains + CSAT (Online): Rs. 89,000/- (+ GST)

GS Pre-Cum-Mains + CSAT + optional (Online): Rs. 1,14,000/- (+ GST)

Optional Subjects are : PolScience , Public Administration and History


  1. Concept Building

    It covers 10 months conceptual classes covering complete UPSC syllabus.

    • Prelims Comprehensive classes to cover Prelims syllabus will be provided to clear the core concepts related to each subject.
    • Mains Classes will cover complete GS Mains Paper 1, 2, 3 and 4 syllabus with an approach of developing conceptual clarity with multi-disciplinary thinking process.
    • Assessment: Each module will cover assessment tests.
  2. Strategy for Prelims

    Prelims is more about range of information and micro detailing of topics. It is an innovative programme designed to provide complete Prelims preparation module to develop a sound conceptual base alongwith assessment based learning for Prelims, which will cover 15000 questions in entire course. Assessment Module will be based on:

    • L1- Basic Concept Assessment
    • L2- Current Affairs Assessment
    • L3- Advance Level Assessment
  3. Strategy for Mains

    In CSE-2017, the good performance in General Studies (Mains) and Essay has aided most of the aspirants in attaining top slot in final list. This in itself proves relevance of scoring high in GS Mains + Essay for clearing the exam and that too with good Rank.

    Though Mains exam syllabus is very vast and dynamic, it requires multidimensional approach to handle this. Except the traditional part of the syllabus all topics are interrelated and necessitate extraordinary efforts in not just about getting right information but in its deep analysis.

    The program includes Compulsory pre-class readings, class lectures, and tests, answer writing session, essay and one-to-one feedback system.

  4. Speed Test for Prelims

    After the completion of Prelims syllabus, assessment for the Time and speed management is must to check the level of preparation. The module will cover:

    • Subject-wise class test after completion of each subject (100 Questions)
    • Workbook containing about 200 Questions related to each subject as Home assignment.

    Assess your Accuracy level with speed.

  5. Assessment at All India Level

    After the completion of the conceptual classes ASSESS yourself at the All India Level through our comprehensive PT Test Series. Tests will be divided as:

    • Sub-sectional Tests based on Topics
    • CSAT Tests
    • Sectional Tests
    • Mock Tests
    • Current Affairs Tests
  6. Answer Writing Improvement

    The conceptual base for Mains examination will be laid through the exhaustive Classes covering both theoretical as well as contemporary part of the syllabus. However, Answer writing plays an important role in the Mains examination. Content + Good Writing Skill = Good Marks. Thus to develop it:

    • Topic wise Class Tests 10 Questions each.
    • Subject wise Class Test 20 Questions.
    • Home assignments 4-5 Questions on each topic will be provided to develop thinking line related to the topic taught in the classes.
  7. GS Mains Test Series

    Once the content is known through comprehensive classes, for the articulation of that knowledge at RIGHT PLACE and RIGHT FORMAT, the programme will cover Mains Test series. It will consists of:

    • Sectional Tests - 20 Questions each.
    • Mock Tests - UPSC pattern
    • Feedback & Personal Discussion
  8. Ethics & Essay

    The conceptual clarity on the Ethical Theories and terms given in the UPSC Syllabus will be covered through Comprehensive Classes alongwith development of Case Study Based Approach.

    • Essay sessions alongwith Tests will be provided.
    • 50 Model Essays to learn the art of Essay writing will also be provided.
  9. Mains Updation Classes with Answer Writing Sessions

    • 150 hrs. Updation Classes will be conducted after Prelims Examination to cover Contemporary Issues for GS Mains Papers.
    • Format of this assessment also includes daily Answer Writing Practice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Programme Features:-

This is general studies foundation course that covers both, prelims and mains examination.
Foundation programme starts with very basic level, but moves with assessments at every level, which help candidates to track their learning and outcome of every topic.
Regular classroom sessions which covers both basic and advance level of every topic. Current affairs classes, current affairs notes and study material of each subject.
Study material is very comprehensive but standard textbooks are always recommended. Faculty will guide you for standard text books.
Regular classes is schedule for 5 days a week but some special classes will be on weekends. All tests will be held on weekends. For weekend batch everything will be in on weekends itself. Two subjects will be taught per week.

Pattern of Teaching:-

The teachers will teach from basics level and gradually cover the advance level.

Not required as session will start from basic level. You will get study material in advance, so, it is good if you go through the chapter in advance before it is taught in the class. For general understanding study only, study material which is provided by the institution.

Also, we have created pre-foundation page, which is a resource page for beginners. It contains videos of toppers, faculties, detailed syllabus, previous years paper analysis and another write-up related to the preparation of this examination.

Mostly faculties help in understanding the concepts and also give key points of every topic which help you to structure and summaries every topic.
Yes, we will provide one to one interaction with the teachers for doubt clearing. Every faculty provides its phone number to the students in the classroom, so that you can contact directly or for meeting with respective faculty or you can contact office to arrange one to one interaction.
- It will be in the form of home assignments and tests.

Class Structure:-

Weekly class schedule will be provided by the institute on the notice board.
You can contact faculty to discuss the topic.
Yes the online classroom is same as offline classroom.
We will provide email id of the faculty members and you can write to faculty and clear your doubt.
We conduct test online by sending PDF to your account which you can download and then mail the scanned answer booklet to . Yes, the assignment copies will be checked within 10 days.
Yes, we will provide CSAT classes as per our programme (GS Pre cum mains + CSAT).

Study material:-

Study material will be provided both, through online and in classroom. Yes, all the study material will cover mentioned topics in the syllabus.
In the classroom, it will be provided subject wise and for online we provide it in one slot.
Yes, it will cover the current affairs also and we will provide updated current affairs material separately. After prelims you will get current affairs material exclusively for the mains.
CSAT practice workbook will be provided in the classroom and online for online students.

Assessment structure:-

ABL refers to assessment based learning through periodic assessment methodology for both, prelims and mains papers.
All test series are included in this programme. Yes the discussion class will be available.
Assessment will be done through copy correction, and one to one discussion with the faculty members.
Yes, discussion video related to test will be provided.

Doubt Clearing Structure:-

We will provide one to one discussion as per the doubt clearing structure.
You have to mail your doubts and concern faculty will respond you accordingly.
After evaluation of copies you can clear the doubt for test series.


Our Faculties are proud alumni of the leading premier institutions in the country including JNU, IITs and IIMs. Faculty members includes: Manoj K. Jha, H. Bhushan, Dr. Piyush Choubey, Ashutosh Pandey, Saurav Jain, Gaurav Bansal , Piyush Kumar Yadav, Rohit Lodha.



Everything of IAS Exam

Open to All

The fresh graduates or the students who are willing to join the civil services are often confronted with some obvious questions –

  • What is the correct strategy for starting the preparation of UPSC?
  • How to approach the basic concepts in selective subjects?
  • How to approach the micro syllabus mentioned by the UPSC?
  • What are the standard sources/books for preparation of basic subjects?
  • How valuable is the practicing of questions for the examination?
  • Which books should we study, and which should be omitted? etc, etc…

Without a clearly defined and articulated strategy, you may very well find that your priority initiatives —the ones that will drive the highest success - are being given secondary treatment.

This Online Course isn't just about preparing a basic foundation for the civil services examination, more so it's about understanding how you approach a question in an exam, how to structure your answer, the timings you should assign and what information will get marks.

Get Details

Procedure for Online Classes

  • Students will be given user ID & password to access the live online classes.
  • Account for live online classes will be activated within two days of enrollment.
  • Classes will be conducted live as per the class schedule at our Delhi Center.
  • In case you miss live class at the scheduled time, recorded video of the class will be available in your account just after the class is over.
  • Lectures can be accessed twice online i.e either (1 live session + 1 recorded) or two times recorded video.
  • Study material will be dispatched by courier within a week of enrollment.
  • Lectures will be active in your account till your mains exam.
  • Tests will be uploaded in PDF format in your account.


For Seat Booking : Registration is open for all batches till seat available.

Registration Fee Rs. 15,000/-

Note : Registration Fees is part of the course fee and will be adjusted in total course fee at the time of admission.
* Registration Fee is not refundable.

Courses & Fee Details

IAS Foundation 2019 (GS Pre-Cum-Mains)

Mode: Classroom

Fee: Rs. 95,000/- (+ GST)

IAS Foundation 2019 (GS Pre-Cum-Mains)

Mode: Online

Fee: Rs. 80,500/- (+ GST)

IAS Foundation 2019 (GS Pre-Cum-Mains + CSAT)

Mode: Classroom

Fee: Rs. 1,05,000/- (+ GST)

IAS Foundation 2019 (GS Pre-Cum-Mains + CSAT)

Mode: Online

Fee: Rs. 89,000/- (+ GST)

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Rizwanbasha Shaik

IAS 2016 Rank - 48

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