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National Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) policy

It is the policy released by government to play an enabling role to transform the knowledge into intellectual assets and wealth.

It has following objectives:

• To create public awareness about the economic, social and cultural benefits of IPRs among all sections of society.

• To stimulate the generation of IPRs.

• To have strong and effective IPR laws, which balance the interests of rights owners with larger public interest.

• To modernize and strengthen service-oriented IPR administration.

• Get value for IPRs through commercialization.

• To strengthen the enforcement and adjudicatory mechanisms for combating IPR infringement.

• To strengthen and expand human resources, institutions and capacities for teaching, training, research and skill building in IPRs.

Benefits of the policy are:

• It will foster creativity and innovation and thereby, promote entrepreneurship and enhance socioeconomic and cultural development.

• It will focus on enhancing the affordable health care services to every being of the society.

• It will also promote the food security and will help in eradicating the poverty and hunger.

• It will also promote environment protection and technology advancements.



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