Land Ports Authority of India

India has an over 15000 KM long international land border with Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan. There are several designated entry and exit points for cross border movement of persons, goods and vehicles.

To control and for coordination of various Government functions including those of Security, Immigration, Customs, Plant & Animal Quarantine etc, Land Ports Authority of India has been established.

The Land Ports Authority of India (LPAI) has been envisaged as a statutory body which will function as a body corporate under the administrative control of the Department of Border Management, Ministry of Home Affairs. The LPAI is expected to provide better administration and cohesive management of entry points/land ports on the land borders and would be vested with the powers on the lines of similar bodies like Airports Authority of India.

Salient features are:

• The Authority may (a) maintain or construct roads, terminals and ancillary buildings other than national or state highways and railways, at an integrated check post (as notified by the central government); (b) procure and maintain communication, security and goods handling equipment; (c) provide appropriate space for various services such as immigration, customs, security, and taxation authorities; (d) construct residential buildings for its employees; and (e) establish and maintain hotels, restrooms, warehouses, and container deports.

• The Authority may seek the assistance of armed forces, central para military force or state police to ensure peace and security at an integrated check post.

• The customs, immigration, quarantine and other officials shall co-ordinate with the Authority to discharge their duties effectively.

• Any land needed by the Authority shall be deemed to be needed for a public purpose. The Authority has the power to enter any contract necessary for executing its duties. The Bill makes provisions for the mode of executing contracts on behalf of the Authority.

• The Authority may charge such fees and rent as provided by regulations. It shall establish its own funds where all receipts shall be credited. It may also establish a reserve fund for the purpose of expanding existing facilities or creating new facilities at any integrated check post.

• LPAI endeavours to provide safe, secure and systematic facilities for movement of cargo as well passengers at its ICPs.

• The ICPs are envisaged to provide all the facilities required for discharge of sovereign and non-sovereign functions to enable smooth cross-border movement of individuals, vehicles and goods under an integrated complex. These would facilitate the processes of immigration, customs, security, quarantine, etc. To enable this, the infrastructural facilities to be provided by the ICPs are:- Passenger terminal building, Currency exchange, Internet, Cargo process building, Cargo inspection sheds, Warehouse/Cold storage, Quarantine laboratory, Clearing agents Banks, Scanners DFMD/HHMD, CCTV/PA System, Isolation Bay, Parking, Cafeteria and Other public utilities.

Practice question:

1) Which of the following Integrated Check Post and their location has been correctly matched?

a) ICP Agartala in Tripura along Bangladesh Border

b) ICP Attari in Bihar along Nepal Border

c) ICP Petrapole in Assam along Bangladesh Border

d) ICP Jogbani in UP along Nepal Border

Ans: a
Exp: The ICP Jogbani is located at about 325 KMs North-East from the State Capital City of Patna in the State of Bihar on India-Nepal Border. Biratnagar is the corresponding place in Nepal.
The ICP Attari is located at about 30 Kms from the holy city of Amritsar in the State of Punjab on India-Pakistan Border.

The ICP Petrapole is located at about 80 KMs from the State Capital, Kolkata in the State of West Bengal on the India-Bangladesh Border. Benapole is the corresponding place in Bangladesh.

ICP Agartala located at India-Bangladesh Border in the close vicinity of the capital city of State of Tripura, India. This is the only ICP located in the capital city of any state and that too within the municipal area. Akhaura is the corresponding place in Bangladesh side.