Milk production in India

 What is the present status of milk production in India?

  • India is a World leader in Milk Production for the past 15 years.
  • Milk Production: In the year 2014-17, milk production increased by 16.9% to 465.5 million tonnes as compared to 398 million tonnes during 2011-14.
  • Income of milk farmers: In the year 2014-17, income of farmers increased by 13.79% to Rs.33 per litre as compared to Rs.29 per litre during 2011-14.

What are the reasons behind this achievement?

  •   Our achievement is primarily due to the contribution of smallholder dairy farmers, milk producers, milk processing and marketing organisations.
  •   Besides this government has taken various steps to increase milk production.

What are Steps taken by government of India for dairy sector?

  •  National Mission for Bovine Productivity (NMBP): It has been approved by the government of India to make milk production more profitable.
  • Rashtriya Gokul Mission:
  •  Objective: Its objective is to preserve and develop indigenous bovine.

§  Activities to be taken under this mission: Establishment of Gokul Gram, awarding farmers and institutes involved in the scientific rearing of Indigenous animals and inducting high genetic merit Bulls of Indigenous Breed into Semen Stations.

  •  E-Pashu Haat portal:
  • It has been established under Rashtriya Gokul Mission.
  • Objectives of this portal:
  • Helping the livestock rearers and the farmers to sell and purchase Cattle and Buffaloes of Indigenous Breeds.
  • Ensuring availability of quality bovine germplasm by linking farmers with livestock rearers.
  •  National Kamdhenu Breeding Centres:
  •  Two National Kamdhenu Breeding Centres are being established (one in Madhya Pradesh and the other in Andhra Pradesh).
  • These will be centres of excellence for preservation and development of Indigenous Breeds in a scientific way.
  • They would be a storehouse of Indigenous Germplasm as well as a source of proven genetics.
  • Awards: government has introduced two awards in 2017 to award dairy farmers. These are:
  • National Gopal Ratna and
  • Kamdhenu Awards
  • Way ahead for India?
  •   Although we have made significant progress in Milk Production, but still we have a long way to go to ensure availability of milk to our children’s.
  • The dairy sector has a significant role to play in achieving Prime Minister’s objective to double farmer’s income by 2022.