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GS Mains Foundation 2018
GS Mains Foundation 2018
International Relations Online Classes
GS Mains Foundation 2018: Complete GS Mains Paper 1, 2, 3, 4 & Essay + GS Mains Test Series (20 Tests) + Ethics Test Series (5 Tests) + Essay Writing (10 Tests). Batch Starts from 6th October in Classroom & Live Online mode. Click Here for More Details & Online Admission.
  • Comprehensive Coverage of International Relations & India’s Bilateral Relations of GS Mains Paper II)
  • It covers recent developments in the area, especially developments related with India’s interest
  • Complete study material covering basic as well as applied part of the topics in lucid language will be provided SUBTOPIC LISTING
  • Classes are divided in different sessions covering complete syllabus in detail
  • Answer writing session from the Test Series Archive will be provided
Session 1

Introductory lecture to discuss on How to approach International Relations preparation for UPSC, underlined sub-topics in the syllabus, Answer writing format

Session 2

It covers the basic concepts and terminologies related to the International Relations such as Pre-emptive diplomacy, background to present foreign policy, etc.

Session 3

Evolution of Indian Foreign Policy, basics about different phases of foreign policy such as Nehruvian era, Indira Doctrine, Gujral Doctrine, Look East Policy, etc.

Session 4

Asia-Pacific – geographical division as east Asia, South East Asia, South west Pacific, its geopolitical significance, etc.

Session 5

Background about India-Japan, South China Dispute, String of Pearl issue, etc.

Session 6

Basic introduction about Look East Policy – 2 with respect to Asia-Pacific, BCIM, Mekong Ganga Project, BIMSTEC, etc.

Session 7

India-Japan relation – historical relation, 1947 to 1959, after 1959 treaty of USA and Japan, Chinese emergence and down of USA in Asia-Pacific

Session 8

Current phase of Indo-Japan relationship after 2001, China-Japan relation and impact on India.

Session 9

India-Australia relation – Economic, security, education relation as well as defence relation.

Session 10

India-Vietnam relation – Location of Vietnam, geopolitical significance to India, Economic relations, oil diplomacy after South China Sea ruling.

Session 11

West Asia – West Asia geography, Arab world difference, Geo-strategic significance, Indian Diaspora in Gulf Nations.

Session 12

Politics of West Asia, Division of West Asia based on Sect, background of Arab Spring.

Session 13

Oil Diplomacy in West Asian nations, Division of Nations, background of Gulf War, etc.

Session 14

West Asia geographical position and trade relations with India

Session 15

Brief history of formation of Israel, dispute with other nations, Israel-Palestine dispute.

Session 16

Different phases of India-Israel relation, first phase of 1948-1992, India supported Palestine cause and impact on India-Israel relation.

Session 17

Israel relation after 1992: reasons for improvement in relations, relations in field of technology, agriculture, etc.

Session 18

India – Israel defence relationship, joint production of fighters.

Session 19

Background about Iran Nuclear Issue, sanctions of different nations.

Session 20

Iran-India relation: India stand over nuclear issue.

Session 21

Geo strategic of Iran, economic relation, political relation.

Session 22

Issue of ISIS, impact of ISIS on West Asia and World.

Session 23

South Asia – understanding the geopolitical significance of South Asia, creation of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Session 24

India doctrine with respect to South Asia, changes after 1990s, importance of economic and political integration with neighbours.

Session 25

India and Bhutan, historical relation, importance India’s security, issues related to hydroelectric, economic issues

Session 26

India and Bhutan – defence and security of India, developmental assistance

Session 27

India and Nepal – historical relation of India and Nepal, relation during british era, India Nepal friendship treaty, drawbacks of it as security issue

Session 28

Economic issues between India and Nepal in terms of wages, pension of Gorkhas, political issues and analysis of new constitution.

Session 29

Background about India-Pakistan history, brief about issues between India-Pakistan as Sir creek issue, water dispute.

Session 30

Issue between India-Pakistan as Jammu and Kashmir, Siachen dispute.

Session 31

Sir Creek issue between India and Pakistan

Session 32

Siachin glacier dispute, recommendation for improving the relations, concept of cybernetics.

Session 33

Water dispute between India and Pakistan, Court of Arbitration verdict

Session 34

Situation of Afghanistan during Cold War, situation after 9/11, Political system in Afghanistan.

Session 35

Formation of Bangladesh, Brief about India and Bangladesh relation

Session 36

Phases of India-Bangladesh relation 1971-75 under general Zia-ur-Rehman, political situation, political parties and relation towards India, relation after coming of Awani League.

Session 37

Issues between India and Bangladesh – water issue related to Teesta, Farraka, illegal migration, etc.

Session 38

India and Sri Lanka relation, before LTTE and Post LTTE, fishermen issue, development of Sri Lanka after civil war

Session 39

India and Africa relation phases – Nehruvian era upto 1964, Indira Gandhi era upto 1970, after 1990s, political importance of African nations.

Session 40

India and China model for development in Africa, race for resources in Africa

Session 41

India and China relation, economic relation, border dispute

Session 42

India and China, water dispute, border dispute

Contemporary Issues :
Session 43

Introductory lecture on how to approach International Relations, focus on India’s interest, Indian approach to Asia-Pacific, South china Sea dispute and different regions.

Session 44

Indian approach to Asia-Pacific Island Policy, Indo-Pacific Security relation, Forward Policy in Indian Ocean.

Session 45

Growing India-Vietnam and India-Thailand Defence cooperation, Analysis of PM visiting to small islands

Session 46

Understanding West Asia Politics, Indian Approach to West Asia politics

Session 47

Iran Nuclear deal and How it will facilitate India-Iran relationship further, importance of Iran, Indian stand on nuclear deal.

Session 48

India and Saudi Arabia relation, analysis of recent visit, issues between India and Saudi Arabia, Indian defence relation with Israel.

Session 49

Important aspect of India and South Asia relationship, change in policy framework, economic relationship and role of China

Session 50

Challenges to India’s foreign policy in Afghanistan, recommendations for improving relation.

Session 51

Madheshi movement in Nepal and its impact on India, issues between India and Nepal, Transit Treaty with Nepal

Session 52

Analysis of Internal situation in Bangladesh as rise of terrorism.

Session 53

Issue of illegal migration from Bangladesh, recommendations for controlling the illegal migration.

Session 54

River dispute between India and Bangladesh

Session 55

Fishermen issue between India and Sri Lanka

Session 56

India and USA cooperation on clean energy, cyber terrorism, defence relationship.

Session 57

Nuclear relation between India and USA, new nuclear regime

Session 58

Concept of Buddhist diplomacy

Session 59

Relationship of India and Europe in general, Decreasing Relevance of European Union after BREXIT, Impact of it on India

Session 60

Russia Resurgence (New cold War era)

Session 61

Role of International organizations as IBSA, UNSC, climate negotiation

Session 62

Analysis of SCO, OBOR.

Test series Archive :
Session 63

Test 1

Session 64

Test 2

Session 65

Test 3

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  • One Session will expire in 24 hrs in a particular system (PC/Mobile/ Tablet).
  • If you will login from another system session count will increase.
  • Study material will be sent by courier.
  • Study material will be unit wise.
  • Video will be active in your account for 4 months from the date of enrollment.
  • Student can view the video atmost three times.
  • Tests will be uploaded in pdf format in your account.
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