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Annual Status of Education Report, 2016

The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) is a household survey that provides estimates of children’s schooling status and their ability to read simple text and do basic arithmetic.

Gist of Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2015-2020

FTP 2015-20 provides a framework for increasing exports of goods and services as well as generation of employment and increasing value addition in the country, in line with the ‘Make in India’ programme.

Concept of Environmental Ethics

Man's endeavor to evolve a mutually re-enforcing relationship with nature is age old, however if this creative relationship would not have been established, life on the planet Earth would have disappeared long ago.

Issue related to Landfills

With growing population and rapid urbanization, waste generation in India has increased significantly in India. 62 million tons of waste are generated each year in India out of which 43 million tons are solid waste.Amongst the solid waste collected, 11.9 million (22-28%) are treated and 31 million (72-78%) are dumped at landfill

NITI AAYOG proposed Three Year Action Agenda

NITI Aayog has circulated the draft “Three Year Action Agenda” to its governing council (which comprises all chief ministers) for review.  The Three-Year Action Agenda covers the last years of the Fourteenth Finance Commission I.E. The

Role of diaspora in Economic development

Diaspora means “to scatter” in Greek, but today we use the term to describe a community of people who live outside their shared country

Socio-Economic benefits of Ports

A port is a location on a coast or shore containing one or more harbors where ships can dock and transfer people or cargo to or from land.

Judicial Review of Parliamentary Privileges

Parliamentary privileges are the special right, advantage or benefit conferred on a particular person. It is a peculiar advantage or favour

Issues related to OROP

OROP stands for One Rank One Pension which means same pension for same rank for same length

Technology Adaption in Health Care

The Directive Principles of State Policy in the Constitution of India mandate ‘improvement of public health’ as one of the primary duties of the State.


Meaning of desertification What is it not? Desertification is not the natural expansion of existing deserts. What is it not? Instead it is the degradation of land in arid, semi-arid, and dry


Context: The Forest Advisory Committee of the environment ministry has formally approved the inter-linking of the Betwa River (in Uttar Pradesh) with the Ken River (in Madhya Pradesh). What is the s

Issue of Fraudulent marriages with NRIs

National Commission for Women (NCW) held consultations on the “Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)” to be adopted while dealing with cases related to NRI Matrimonial Disputes. Meaning of NRI mar


Context The Union Home Ministry has listed National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) under The Intelligence Organizations (Restriction of Rights) Act, 1985. About Intelligence Organizations (R

Sharada Prasad committee

Context: The Government of India, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship constituted a Review Committee for Rationalization and Optimization of the Functioning of the Sector Skill Councils


Context: Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has released a report titled “Corporate India: Women on Boards”. What are the key findings of the report? a)Rise in numbers: Female rep


Context A study on child marriages, based on 2011 census was released by Young Lives in coordination with the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR). The study focused on 70 distr


Introduction The highest attainable standard of health is a fundamental right of every person. However, Gender-based discrimination, undercuts this right. It can render women more susceptible to sic

Air India Privatisation: Analysis

Context: Recently, NITI Aayog has recommended strategic disinvestment of Air India. Subsequently Union finance minister stated that it will now explore all options for the same. What are the argumen

Issue of Triple Talaq

Context: • Recently, PM Narendra Modi stated that the issue of Triple Talaq should be debated without politicizing the issue. • Now this has led to a debate on whether Triple Talaq should be e


It is the first and only internationally legally binding framework set up to address the problem of desertification.


It its simplest form, extradition is a process which involves one governmental authority formally turning over an alleged criminal to another governmental authority for prosecution for a criminal charge.


It is a forum for appeal, set up to safeguard the rights and interests of India’s minority. Government has appointed Syed Ghayorul Hasan Rizvi as the Chairman of National Commission for Minorities (NCM).

African Development Bank Group (AfDB)

The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) is a multilateral development finance institution established to contribute to the economic development and social progress of African countries.

Food Fortification

Malnutrition is one of the major issues concerning the world population, particularly in developing countries. It accounts for an estimated one-third of childhood deaths.

SHAKTI Scheme for coal sector

Union Cabinet approved a Coal linkage policy named SHAKTI or the Scheme to Harness and Allocate Koyla (Coal) Transparently in India.

Milk production in India

Milk Production: In the year 2014-17, milk production increased by 16.9% to 465.5 million tonnes as compared to 398 million tonnes during 2011-14.

Preventive detention

Punitive detention: It is a punishment for illegal acts done. Preventive detention: It is imprisonment of a person beforehand to prevent possible commitment of crime. Preventive detention thus is action taken on grounds of suspicion

WannaCry Malware

Malware, or malicious software, is any program or file that is harmful to a computer user. Malware includes computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware.

Strategic Partnership Policy Proposed

Context: Defence ministry has unveiled the Strategic Partnership (SP) policy. This policy is a part of the Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP).


• The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has capped the prices of 31 more drugs. With these 31 drugs, the NPPA has brought 791 medicines under price control.


• The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) plans to further tighten norms for issuance of offshore derivative instruments (ODIs) and participatory notes (PNs). SEBI has proposed levying a regulatory fee of $1,000 on every foreign portfolio investor (FPI) that issues ODIs or PNs.