Electric Gauze of NASA

Electric Gauze of NASA

• NASA has developed a new high-tech material that uses electricity to significantly promote healing of injured wounds. It could not only protect the wounds but also heal them.

• The invention is a “simple and inexpensive means of producing fibres and mats of controlled fibre diameter, porosity, and thickness”.

• In conditions of non-Earth gravity, human blood displays behaviour quite different from that on Earth.

• Wounds are likely to heal much more slowly and considering the survival risks and the cost of space missions, healing wounds as fast as possible is crucial.

• The new material generates a small amount of electricity when interacting with another surface, including human skin.

• The material, called polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) has numerous possible applications, including wound healing.

• If the PVDF fibres are aligned correctly, cells on a wound use it as a scaffold, helping the wound to heal faster.

• Any pressure placed on the gauze generates a small amount of electricity. The process is similar to electrical stimulation that many athletes use when injured. The gauze is created by a new electrospinning apparatus that perfectly aligns the fibers for better protection and healing.

• Even normal body temperature is enough to activate the PVDF fibers’ healing power.

• The device can also be used by military personnel wounded in the field, patients who have undergone surgery and even those who have suffered a serious wound.

• This was actually designed for developing “morphing aircrafts” rather than medical application, but as for now, NASA sees this hi-tech gauze is in use of healing patients after post-surgery, wounds of military personnel in the field, and hopefully astronauts on Mars.