TRI-NETRA: Railway Safety System

TRI-NETRA: Railway Safety System

During fog, heavy rain and also during night, the locomotive pilots face serious challenges in looking out ahead to spot any obstruction on the track such as vehicles which get stuck while crossing the track or trees or boulders which have fallen across the track etc.

Thus to address this issue Railway has initiated proposal to install TRI-NETRA.

TRI-NETRA stands for Terrain imaging for diesel dRiversINfra red, Enhanced  opTical  &  Radar  Assisted system.

TRI-NETRA system is made up of high-resolution optical video camera, high sensitivity infrared video camera and additionally a radar-based terrain mapping system.

Proposed benefits:
a) TRI-NETRA will give the locomotive pilot a clear view of the track ahead in bad visibility conditions so that he can apply brakes well in time.

b) It will enable the Locomotive Pilot to “see” objects from upto one kilometer away on straight track during inclement weather.