Assam Forest Department claims significant drop in poaching of ‘One horned Rhinos’

  • Published
    3rd May, 2021

GS-III: Environment

  • Conservation.

Major reduction in poaching of Greater One-Horned Rhino became an issue in Assam Assembly Elections.

Prelims question:

Consider the following statements regarding Greater One-horned Rhino

  1. The greater one-horned rhino is the largest of the rhino species.
  2. They are classified as Vulnerable as per IUCN Red List.
  3. They are confined to tall grasslands and forests in the foothills of Himalayas.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.

Mains Question:

Elucidate the conservation efforts made by Indian government for the conservation of rhino population in the country.

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