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Future looms dark for 48% of bird species

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    17th May, 2022


The State of the World’s Birds, an annual review of environmental resources was recently published.

Key Findings of the Study:

  • 48% of the extant bird species are undergoing population decline.
  • 5% of 10,994 recognised extant species are currently threatened with extinction of which:
  • 9% are Near Threatened
  • 7% are Vulnerable
  • 4% are Endangered
  • 2% are Critically Endangered
  • Alongside tropical forests, natural grasslands emerge as a habitat that is particularly threatened.
  • Threat of natural grasslands has been particularly worrying for North America, Europe and India.
  • It highlights the need for conservation as birds are sensitive indicators of environmental health.
  • Threats:
  • The degradation and loss of natural habitats as well as direct overexploitation of many species are the key threats to avian biodiversity.
  • The use of 37% of the surviving bird species as common or exotic pets and 14% as food are examples of direct overexploitation.
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