Current Analyst: (1-15) August, 2017

Topical Analysis
Legacy and Significance of Quit India Movement

Contemporary Issues 

  • Parliamentary Panel Report on Surrogacy Bill
  • Subsidize Rail Losses
  • Alternative Fuels in India
  • Change in Repo Rate and its Implications
  • India’s Role to Counter ISIS in Philippines
  • Low Tax to GDP Ratio: Reasons and Suggestions
  • Changes Proposed in No Detention Policy
  • GST Issue in Petroleum Exploration Sector
  • Whistle Blowers Protection (Amendment) Bill, 2015
  • Sanitation Survey Gramin
  • The Code on Wages, 2017
  • High Courts Oppose All-India Judicial Service
  • Farmer Suicides and Climate Change
  • Low Attendance of Celebrity in Rajya Sabha
  • ATM Expansion Slows Due to Note Ban
  • Significance of Strong Opposition in Democracy
  • Sino-Pak Highway: Only Beneficial for China
  • Impact of GST on Logistics Industry
  • Significance of Canal Irrigation
  • ASEAN at 50
  • China’s RCEP Push Veils Grand Plan
  • Laws Against Match Fixing on Sports Needed