Current Analyst: (1-15) March, 2018

Topical Analysis
cover story
Euthanasia and Living will Allowed

Contemporary Issues

  • Challenges of Special Status State and Problems
  • Critical Analysis of PM Crop Insurance Scheme
  • How Labour Regulations Affect Manufacturing
  • Illegal Mining in India: CAG’s Concern
  • What Prevents Women from Working in India
  • Name and Shame Willful Defaulters
  • Rising New Form of Protectionism
  • Inadequacies in Existing Human Trafficking Rules
  • Debate Over Death Penalty in India
  • Gwadar, Chabahar not Comparable
  • Relevance of NAM in Present Situation
  • Why Saudi Arabia is Moving Towards Reforms?
  • Why China is Winning in India’s Neighborhood?
  • Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Critical Analysis
  • Sea Level Rise and its Impact
  • Waste to Wealth
  • Hailstorm and its Impact on Crops
  • Law Against Genetic Discrimination