Current Analyst: (1-15) November, 2017

Topical Analysis
Ease Of Doing Business In India

Contemporary Issues

  • Aadhar Seeding and Benefits
  • Ease of Doing Business in Realty Sector
  • Global Tuberculosis Report, 2017
  • Why Government Elementary Enrollment Reducing?
  • Concept of Carbon Credit and its Critical Analysis
  • Concept of Google Tax and its Implications
  • ASEAN Summit, 2017
  • Demonetization Impact on Domestic Remittances
  • Karnataka Bill on Evil Practices and Black Magic
  • Special Deposition Centres in Courts
  • Do Social Media Threaten Democracy?
  • Crypto Currencies Come Under SEBI Lens
  • Role of Finance Commission and its Changing Nature
  • Offshore Investments in Tax Havens
  • China Increasing Interest in the Middle East
  • Law Commission Report on Tribunals in India
  • Collegium and Transparency
  • GATT – 70thAnniversary
  • Industrial Disasters in India