Current Analyst: (16-30) November, 2017

Topical Analysis
Net Neutrality in India

Contemporary Issues

  • Credit Rating Agencies and their Implications
  • National Commission on Backward Classes
  • Critical Analysis of Bharatmala Project
  • Electric Vehicle Sector and Future Prospects
  • Draft Witness Protection Scheme
  • Eradication of Child Labour may Create Job for Youths
  • Report on Corporate Governance
  • Rohingya Repatriation Deal Signed
  • Significance of Teachers for Sound Education System
  • Amendments in Bankruptcy Code
  • National Anti-profiteering Authority
  • Ease of Doing Investment for NRIs
  • Farm Policies: One-Size-Fits-All do not Work
  • Employment and Demonetization
  • 60 Years of IAEA
  • Logistics Sector Given Infra Status
  • White Revolution Part-II
  • Concept of Land Bank