Current Analyst: (16-31) January, 2018

Topical Analysis
Issues with Indian Criminal Justice System

Contemporary Issues

  • Office of Profit – Crisis in Delhi Assembly
  • State Funding in Elections
  • Government as the Biggest Litigant in India
  • Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2017
  • Contract Worker: Issues and Steps Needed
  • Feminization of Agriculture
  • Need of Regulatory Regime for Alternative Investment Fund
  • Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana
  • Why Retail Oil Prices are High Despite Lower Crude Oil Costs?
  • India’s Family Planning Programme: Critical Analysis
  • High Dropout Rate of Girls in India: Reasons, Solutions and Examples
  • Forced Conversion in India
  • Capacity Building for Primary Health Care
  • ASER 2017 Report
  • DAVOS Meet
  • India Israel Relations and Recent Visit
  • India Admitted to Australia Group
  • Development ups Tiger Extinction
  • Analysis of INSPIRE Scheme