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Post-independence consolidation

  • Reorganisation of states
  1. Status on the eve of independence
  2. Factors that lead to merger
  3. Accession of the princely states
  4. Accession of States under France and Portuguese
  5. Accession of Sikkim
  6. Rehabilitation of the Refugees
  7. Federal crisis
  8. State reorganisation
  9. Need for Second State Reorganisation
  10. Formation of Telangana
  11. Issue of linguistic regionalism
  • Issue related to vulnerable section
  1. Tribal Issue
  2. Caste and Communalism
  3. Women empowerment
  4. Issue of linguistic minorities
  • Overview of economic development since independence
  1. Planning in India
  2. Agriculture development
  3. Manufacturing sector
  4. Service sector
  5. New economic policy and its impact