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Internal Security by Lohit Matani (IPS officer)

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Former Chief Election Commissioner
The Government of India has been devastated by unending scams. In Ranchi (Jharkhand), the chief prosecutor told participants in a recent anti-corruption meet that the governor's house had been raided by the police;...


Former Revenue Secretary, Govt. of India
The word "governance" is derived from the Greek Kubernao which means to "steer" and was used for the first time in a metaphorical sense by the Greek philosopher Plato....

Ethical Dimensions Of Governance - D.P. Agarwal

Chairman, UPSC
The topic 'Ethical dimensions of governance' allows most of us to consider the issue the way we think they are right. Since we belong to a country which is multi-cultural, geographically very different, the aspirations of people are also very different. ...

Internal Security Management: Challenges And Policy Options - V P Malik

Former Army Chief
In the Arthashastra, Kautilya wrote that a state could be at risk from four types of threats - internal, external, externally-aided internal, and internally-aided external. He advised that of these four types, internal threats should be taken care of immediately, for internal troubles, like the fear of the lurking snake, are far more serious than external threats. The most dangerous enemy is the enemy within. ...

Corruption in Public Service - P.C. Hota

Former Chairman UPSC
From Kautilya in the 4th century B.C. to Gunnar Myrdal in the 20th century, political thinkers have written about corrupt practice among public servants. Kautilya had said in the Arthasastra - his magnum opus- that: "Just as it is impossible not to taste honey or poison that one may find at the tip of one's tongue...

Air Power and Homeland Security - Air Marshal G.S. Chaudhry (retd.)

Armed Forces have always been an important organ of the State and a powerful tool in furthering the State policies. Classically, their role related to engaging external forces and hence the armed forces were equipped and trained to use ‘maximum’ force to achieve their objectives. ...

Need to Strengthen the Police - Prakash Singh

Former Police Chief: DGP Uttar Pradesh & DGP Assam, and DG BSF
Police reforms must be introduced without any further delay. Much has been said on the subject. With the government dragging their feet in the matter, the Supreme Court had to intervene and issue comprehensive guidelines to the Centre and the states on September 22, 2006. ...

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