ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Significance of Artificial Intelligence over Human Intelligence: Download PDF

  • AI reduces error due to big data and logical analysis hence improves accuracy and saves time.
  • AI can work in a hostile environment efficiently without threat to human example space, mines, deep oceans.
  • AI replaces humans in repetitive and tedious work and reduces fear of inconsistency example automation robot.
  • It doesn't get tired, unlike humans, for example, performing car assembly or long medical surgeries.
  • Reduces delay and cost, improves response and quality, for eg., crime-solving,  weather predictions.
  • Increases certainty and stability in decisions.
  • Natural language processing:: Which increases interaction; personal assistants, for eg., Siri (Apple Inc.).
  • Machine vision, for example, Valera based system to drive driverless cars, medical imaging.
  • Smart robots and prosthetics to augment disabled.

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