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  1. Some of the country’s major urban conglomerates are reeling with massive water crisis. Do you agree? How far do you think that the reasons for drinking water shortage in the country are more of political nature than environmental nature? Justify your stand with examples. Also evaluate key areas of improvement in your opinion with a way forward.
  2. India uses one-fourth of groundwater extracted globally. In the light of the UN report, analyse the reasons for the unprecedented extraction of groundwater in India and its immediate and long term impact. Critically examine the role that government and non-governmental organisations have played in dealing with the water crisis in the country. Give relevant examples / case studies.
  3. Most of the freshwater sources in India are polluted and therefore unfit for drinking purposes. Critically examine the different sources of water and their distribution in the country. How far have inter-state disputes and Namami Gange Program helped in solving the water crisis for states? What other steps (Government and Private) have been taken to improve the present water shortage situation.
  4. How critical is the present situation of water crisis in India? Justify your stand with relevant data. How far can traditional methods prove helpful in dealing with this crisis? Evaluate the success of non-governmental efforts in dealing with the issue. Also suggest strategies and sustainable solutions to combat with the situation.
  5. There has been no permanent solution to drinking water crisis in India. Do you agree? How far can environmental issues and erratic monsoon be blamed for the water shortage problems. Can privatisation of water be a sustainable solution for ending the water scarcity in the country? Give reasons for your answer.

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