Significance of the Day: Download PDF

  • Awareness: World NTD Day will raise awareness and rally the general public behind the urgent need to end NTDs, helping to keep the issue high on the global agenda. Ending NTDs can help alleviate poverty and uplift entire generations.
  • Checking progress: World NTD Day will serve as a platform to both celebrate progress and galvanize the diverse global community around the goal of ending NTDs.
  • Broadening the conservation programme: This day will broaden the conversation beyond the traditional global health community, engaging the general public in the effort to ensure people at risk for NTDs no longer remain "neglected".
  • Finding new ways: It is a truly unique collaborative approach with the aim to catalyse innovation and help unlock new ways of reaching a world free of NTDs.
  • Making it a global movement: Through this day of recognition, the NTD community will align behind a common set of messages and calls to action that drive home the urgent need for political and financial commitments in 2020, while establishing a sustainable annual moment for the NTD community to drive advocacy for the future.

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