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    12th Jun, 2015

i. Losar Festival

• Losar" or The New Year festival, is the most important festival of Tawang District in Arunachal Pradesh. The Monpa Tribe celebrate this as the coming of a new year.
• This festival mostly falls in the last part of February or early part of March.
• People hoist religious flags atop their homes and make visits to homes relatives and friends.
• The holy scriptures are read in every home as part of festival prayer.
• This festival witnesses the local tribal traditions and customs.

ii. Dree Festival

• The Dree Festival involves the sacrifice of fowls, eggs and animals to the Gods.
• The gods worshipped during this festival are Tamu, Metii , Danyi and Harniang.
• The festival is celebrated to appease these Gods so as to avoid famine in the society.
• This festival is a part of the Apatanis in Arunachal Pradesh. The Apatanis, reside in a valley called Ziro.

iii. Nongkrem Dance Festival

• Nongkrem Dance Festival (held annually in November) is a five day festival which is celebrated for the harvest thanksgiving by the Khasi tribe in Meghalaya.
• Drums and Pipes are played continuously during this festival to mark the occasion.
• A major feature of this festival is young virgin women, who come out to dance on the specially prepared festival field.
• he silver or gold crowns worn by the tribes on their heads signify the glory and dignity of the Khasi society. The dance performed by the man is known as "Ka Shad Mastieh".

iv. Wangala Festival

• Wangala or the harvest Festival runs for two days. The festival is dedicated to the sun god of fertility. Wangala is the greatest traditional festival of Garo tribes, who live in Meghalaya.
• Prayer is offered to the God for providing crops and sing and dance to offer worship to the great deity.
• The major highlight of the festival is the sound of 100 drums (nagaras) being beaten.


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