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In the present scenario in UPSC Civil Services Examination optional is playing very important role in selection as huge difference in marks could be seen among students, which is not true for GS.

While preparing for the optional paper a right approach must be followed as most of the new students are getting misguided because of various factors. Same is true for HISTORY as an OPTIONAL PAPER.

From the very initial stage in preparation, there should be a clarity regarding the nature of the subject, right approach, content which should be referred, nature of the questions being asked in UPSC CS Exam for HISTORY OPTIONAL. The wrong selections could unnecessarily waste your time and increase the number of attempts.

There is a general concept regarding the HISTORY OPTIONAL, that it has a HUGE SYLLABUS which takes much time to finish and revision is bit tough. But practically it’s a misconception.

Just to resolve such doubts and queries regarding the HISTORY OPTIONAL, a workshop will be conducted by Piyush Kumar, which would help you in understanding the subject and making the right decision.

Date & Time
26th July 2018
Time: 4:30 PM Onwards


What is a good essay? Very simple answer: a write-up that gets 140-150+ marks in IAS exam. But question arises how does one gets 150 +?  A good essay is not a long note on something. A good essay is not a compilation of big ideas alone. It is authors own argument. There are many selected candidates who scored 150+ in essay and their copies have been uploaded on iassscore.in. A student can check that and can infer how does one gets 150 +.

GSSCORE is organizing a real time improvement practice session with Manoj K Jha that will help you overcome shortcomings and how to get maximum out of it in next two months. The key areas of practice session include:

  • How to remain relevant?
  • What does it mean by a complete essay?
  • How key ideas help you to remain focused and specific.
  • How to evaluate key ideas through critical analysis?
  • Sustained writing and completion of each dimension.
  • Attempt to create signposted write-up.

Session plan

  • Understanding key requirement of a key essay. (30 min.)
  • Developing outline and line of thinking (IAS aspirants will do it without faculty. (45 min.)
  • Sketching outline and translating into a good piece by faculty to highlight pitfalls and measures we can take. (45 min.)

This session has been planned for those candidates who are writing Mains 2018. It is only a classroom session to be held at Rajendra Nagar center , Delhi of GSSCORE.

Date & Time
26th July 2018
Time: 1:30 PM Onwards

Note: Registration is mandatory to attend the session and Open till Seats available.

You will get the confirmation SMS before the session.

Venue:1B, Top Floor, Pusa Road, Beside Karol Bagh Metro Station Gate No. 8, Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi

Contact: 9953595114, 9873870114

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