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Rural education and sustainable development

Rural Education
Education For Rural People
Role of Mid-Day Meal Scheme in Education
Sustainable Development: Rural Education Matters
Vocationalisation of Education for Sustainable Rural Development
An Appraisal of Rural Education

Rural Credit

Rural Credit
Progress and Performance of Kisan Credit Card for Rural Development
Recent Trends And Problems In Micro-Finance

Empowering Rural Women

Government Initiatives to Empower Women
Empowering Rural Women
Where Do Women Stand In Rural India
Women Empowerment and Sustainable Development
Empowering Women For Food Security
Tools For Women Empowerment and Gender Equality

Administrative reforms

Reforming Public Services
Administering in an Age of Global Regulation
Emerging Paradigms of Administrative Reforms
A Civil Service for the 21st Century
Was Judicial Intervention in Management of Civil Services Required
People Centric Administration

Technology, Innovation and Knowledge economy

Technological Innovation in Manufacturing SMES
E-Waste Management by Indigenous Microorganisms
Innovation and Globalization
Innovation Revolution
Positioning India as an Innovation Driven Economy
International Lessons on Innovation For Socio Economic Development In India

Urban planning

Urban Policies and Programmes in India
Planning for Smart Cities
Addressing the rural in Indian Cities
Urban Planning
Inclusive Growth through Efficient Urban Planning
Sustainable Financing for Indian Cities
A Perspective for Slum Free India

Self Help Groups

a) Corporate-Shg Linkages For Rural Markets
b) Challenges Before Self Help Groups
c) Micro Credit-The Engine of Inclusive Growth
d) Agriculture-A Swot Analysis

Empowering Gram Sabha

Empowering Rural Voices of India
Grama Sabha
Gram Sabha In Fifth Scheduled Areas Precept and Practice
Empowering Gram Sabha Through Social Audit

Rural employment

a) Government initiatives in Rural employment
b) New arenas in Rural Employment
c) Rural Wage Guarantee: Implementation Challenges
d) Plight of Women Domestic Workers in India
e) Strategies for employment generation in rural India
f) Social Legislation and Social Security

Inclusive Growth and Social Change

a) Financial Inclusion and Social Change
b) Has Indian Growth Been Inclusive
c) Harnessing Digital Technologies for Empowering India
d) MSMEs in the Inclusive Growth Agenda
e) Employment and Inclusive Growth in India
f) Making Agriculture a Tool of Inclusive Growth
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