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1. Integrating sustainablity
2. Climate risk
3. Changing dynamics
5. India Urban environmental
6. Problems of flood
7. Protect Indigenous


concept and nature of Informal Sector
Informal Labour in the Information Economy
Informal sector Issues of Work and livelihood
The Indian Informal Economy
The Informal Sector from a Knowledge Perspective
The informal sector the role of urban commons
Urban Informal Sector in India

Good Governance

1. The Challenge of Good Governance in
2. Governance and Development
3. Governance and Public Policy Vertical
4. e-Governance Need for a
5. Rural E-Governance in India
6. Corruption, Participatory Development
7. Initiatives and Challenges of Good
8. RTI-A Right to Good Governance

Federalism and Indian Polity

1. Fiscal Federalism, Local Governments
2. Why Federalism A Perspective
3. Foundations and Development of Indian
4. NITI Aayog and Indian Fiscal Federalism
5. Cooperative Federalism In India
6. Federalism in India

Inclusive democracy

1. Towards Holistic Panchayat Raj
2. Equality and its demands on democratic Institutions
3. Secularism and inclusive society
4. challenges of the Marginalised
5. Peoples, Voices, Development and Democracy
6. Disadvantaged Sections Processes of Continuity and Change
7. Poverty Promises Made and Miles to Go
8. Political Empowerment of Women
9. Inclusion of the Transgenders in Democracy

Climate change and impact on India

1. Facing The Challenge
2. What India Needs to Do
3. Indian Environmental Law and Climate change
4. Impact of Climate Change on Human
5. Climate Change and Indigenous
6. Coping with Climate Change

Alternative health

Yoga Right Path to Health and Wellness
Emergence and Growth of Ayurveda
Homoeopathy The Gentle Medicine
UNANI Medicine
Naturopathy and India Health care challenges
The Siddha System of Medicine

Manufacturing in India

1. Manufacturing in India
2. Manufacturing-Led Growth, Competition and
3. Need for Sustainability and Innovations
4. The Need For 'Make In India'
5. Labour Laws and Indias Manufacturing Sector
6. Hi-Tech Manufacturing in India
7. Intellectual Property Issues in Fast Moving
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