IAS Prelims 2019: All India Mock Test (OMR Based)
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Current Analyst: (1-15) December, 2017

Topical Analysis

Contemporary Issues

  • Wassenaar Arrangement and India
  • Significance of Chabahar Port for India
  • FTA between China and Maldives – Warning for India
  • UNSC Reform
  • What does US Recognition of Jerusalem Means?
  • YEMEN War and Implications
  • Need for Political Stability in Nepal
  • Virtues of Soft Power
  • India & WTO: Issue of Food Security
  • The Right Crop Nutrient Solution
  • Bitcoin Boom
  • How to Reap Digital Dividend?
  • Need to Understand Cyber Threats before Fighting them
  • Polluters Pay Principle and NGT
  • Powering Rural Healthcare
  • Reasons for Poor Implementation of Schemes in India
  • Reforms Needed in Criminal Administration in India
  • Regulating Private Healthcare
  • Bill on Banning Triple Talaq
  • Child Trafficking
  • Human Rights and Indian Values
  • Adultery Law Weighted in Favour of Men: SC