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Course Highlights

The preparation of UPSC CSE demands a calibrated approach to tackle various aspects like basic concepts, their application in the examination, ability to articulate through answer writing, regular updates and dynamic approach with a focus on current affairs.  Hence it needs a synchronised and systematised effort to make a lot of entities work in concert.

GS Score's Foundation program serves each of the above vital components covering all the subjects for GS for all the levels i.e. Prelims Mains and Personality Tests through a protracted and measured process involving the following steps:


As first step, Premier Bridge classes will be conducted to act as a bridge between your knowledge and the actual demand of the examination. Classes will focus on Understanding Micro Detailing of the Syllabus, its linkages with current affairs and the approaches for the writing well articulated answers.


As part of MAINS INTEGRATED classes, Elaborate and Detailed classes will be conducted covering complete syllabus with integrated (Prelims cum Mains) perspective. Apart from comprehensive classes it will also include:

    • Regular answer writing Practice
    • Weekly Current Affairs class to understand the dynamism of Current Issues and its linkage with syllabus
    • Essay Classes
    • Mains Test Series


Prelims Specific classes will be conducted after mains integrated classes. These classes will ensure comprehensive coverage of UPSC Prelims syllabus.  Prelims specific current affair classes will also be conducted to elevate the level of preparation for Prelims. Along with classes, Prelims TEST SERIES will also be provided.


Mains examination demands that extra push with harmony of concepts and contemporary issues. This happens through value addition by updating ones knowledge along with sharp analysis to get mains ready. After prelims mains updation will be provided, which will include

    • Contemporary issues classes
    • Mains Mock Tests
    • Essay Mock Tests


In addition to regular classes, regular One-on-One doubt clearing sessions will be conducted to identify areas for improvement and accordingly provide our students personalised recommendations to improve one’s chances of success.

2 Years Foundation Course Fee:
Offline Rs. 1,80,000/-
Online Rs. 1,60,000/-
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Updated, enriched and Comprehensive Study Material covering all the subjects will be provided.

Civil Services Exam is the most prestigious exam conducted by UPSC. Every year thousands of candidates appear in this exam to fulfill their dream to become civil servant. CIVIL SERVICES EXAM comprises of three phases prelims, mains and personality test. Round the years the changing pattern of civil services exam has baffled many aspirants. With the passage of time the structure and pattern of civil services exam has changed drastically.

GS Score is one of the Best IAS Coaching In Delhi which is scripting saga off success round the years. The philosophy of GS Score is different from all UPSC Exam Coaching. It believes in imparting analysis based approach to cater to the needs of changing pattern of civil services exam. Through its well designed foundation programmes its aim is to nurture budding bureaucrats instilling the sense of confidence and problem solving approach.

The GS SCORE foundation courses on one hand develop basic to advance level of knowledge the test series help one to apply this knowledge in real life. GS SCORE is an Institute For UPSC Preparation that is committed to provide quality teaching to civil service aspirants.

The one year IAS Foundation Course is a holistic programme comprising of unique blend of prelims mains study courses with provision of test series and current affairs. The unique feature of this programme is that it has been designed as per the changing pattern of civil services exam. The programme helps student to cover prelims and mains syllabus simultaneously with well designed tests that help to grasp the concepts taught. The provision of revision classes and mains updation classes make this programme unique. The mains updation class will focus on covering and revising all GS Papers and essay followed by mock tests.

Programme Delivery


  • These classes will work as a bridge between your preparation and the actual demand of the examimation.
  • It will familiarize the students with the micro detailing of the syllabus thoroughly.
  • The focus will be on laying bare the grey areas and teaching how to read between the lines explicit.
  • It will lay a solid foundation of concepts as a base for analysis and help in developing the perspective & approach needed for the preparation.


  • Once the ground is prepared with understanding of syllabus, the analysis will be built on covering the entire UPSC Mains syllabus through Mains Integrated Classes.
  • The students will be equipped with critical thinking skills along with elaborate and detailed sessions with largely Mains perspective
  • These classes will also cement the basics of prelims and further polish the skills for analysis and problem solving.
  • Topic wise answer writing sessions will be conducted in a time bound manner.


  • Current affairs are at the core of preparation for any candidate aspiring to crack the UPSC.
  • Weekly current affairs will be provided for the coverage of current Issues of GS Paper 1, 2, 3, 4 & Essay
  • It will contain not just facts, but examination relevant analysis.
  • Weekly current Affair Magazine will be provided.
  • Gist of Yojana, Kurukshetra and other important magazines.


  • In this Prelims-Practice phase, students will be encouraged to sharpen their problem solving skills
  • It will include Daily concept cum revision Classes & Practice Tests
  • Daily concept class and test will help to revise the topic twice a day.
  • Prelims Specific current affair classes will also be provided


  1. Well-designed test papers will focus on testing concepts as well as factual knowledge as per UPSC Pattern.
  2. Total 65 Tests:
    • 33 Sub Sectional Test
    • 9 Sectional
    • 7 Current Affairs
    • 16 Mock Tests (GS+CSAT
  3. Sub Sectional Test: Under this each subject will be divided in sub-topics to bring more depth in preparation. These tests will be of 50 Questions each
  4. Sectional Tests: Under this each subject mentioned in the UPSC syllabus & Current Affairs will be catered and each test will consist of 100 Questions.
  5. Mock Tests: Mock tests will be conducted on UPSC pattern. Paper 1 will consist of 100 Qs. and Paper 2 will consist of 80 Questions.
  6. 13-Layer Performance Analysis including Test Report, Detailed Analysis & integrated All India Ranking for Online & Classroom Aspirants.



We will take regular tests which will help you to monitor your progress and also helps us to know whether someone requires additional support or not. Our GS Mains Test Series is part of this program.

  1. 20 tests, including 12 sectional and 8 mock tests to cover the entire subject in its length and breadth.
  2. 12 Sectional Tests to judge Candidate's Concepts & Inter-disicipinary Approach
  3. 8 Mock tests will be conducted on the pattern of UPSC.
  4. Model Answers will consist of Important  Concepts & Supplementary Notes
  5. Detailed discussion for each sectional Test.
  6. Value Added Test Discussions along with Approach to Answer Writing
  7. Answer sheets will be evaluated by the experts only.
  8. Insightful Evaluation & Feedback
  9. Evaluation will be done in two weeks' time.




  • Total 24 Tests:
    • 17 Topical Tests
    • 4 Sectional Tests
    • 3 Full Mock Tests
  • More than 30 Case Studies covered
  • Detailed Discussion after Tests
  • One – to – one discussion with Faculty.


  • Total 30 Sessions including
    • 10 Approach Classes
    • 10 Tests
    • 10 Discussions
  • Model Essay for every Test
  • One on One Discussion after Copy Evaluation with Manoj K. Jha
  • Practice Worksheets
Online Classes
  • To enroll student has to register on the website using Registration Form or Google Login or Facebook Login.
  • If already registered login with your username and password which you have used for registration.
  • Account for Online Classes will be activated within one working day of Enrollment or before batch Starts.
  • Classes will be conducted online as per the class schedule.
  • Weekly Class Schedule will be uploaded into students account with session plan and doubt clearing sessions schedule.
  • Study Material is into two formats i.e. printed and pdf.
  • Printed Study Material, if any will be dispatched by courier within a week of enrollment.
  • Soft Copy notes will be uploaded in PDF format into your account.
Doubt Clearing
  • One on one doubt clearing session will be conducted with concern faculties on Google Meet as per schedule.
  • Students can put their doubts in chat box given into their account with each session.
  • Students can also interact with faculty though phone or whatsApp for doubt clearing.
  • After evaluation of mains test copy, one on one discussion with respective faculty will be done on phone.
Prelims Test Series
  • Test schedule will be given in advance. Test will be activated on the scheduled date.
  • Once a test is activated you can write it as per your suitable time (Flexible Test Timings).
  • Tests will be submitted once you click the submit button or it crosses the time limit.
  • After submission of the test you will get your score and All India Ranking.
  • Detailed model answers will be provided.
  • Your score and performance chart will be available in your "My Account" section for future access.
Mains Test Series
  • Tests will be uploaded in PDF format in your account.
  • To write the test students have to download the PDF of test paper booklet or write the test in A4 sheet with proper spacing as per UPSC pattern. After writing the test send us back scanned copy in pdf format for evaluation.
  • Further evaluated test copy will be sent back to the students within 15 days after receiving the answer sheet.
  • Test discussion video will be uploaded into your account on the scheduled test date.
  • Once student will receive evaluated copy, one to one discussion with concerned faculty/experts will be arranged via phone call or live interaction.

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