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Programme Highlights

  • Coverage of entire syllabus of Prelims and Main Examination
  • Conceptual clarity from Basic to Advance
  • Coverage of Current Affairs along with static portion
  • Thoroughly revised and Complete Study Material
  • Two Layers of Tests:
    • Classroom Test
    • GS Score All India Test Series For Prelims and Mains
  • Revision Class for prelims prior to  civil services Prelims Exam
  • Mains Updation Class of 150 Hrs. duration after Preliminary Examination
  • Separate doubt clearing sessions for students

Civil Services Exam is the most prestigious exam conducted by UPSC. Every year thousands of candidates appear in this exam to fulfill their dream to become civil servant. CIVIL SRVICES EXAM comprises of three phases prelims, mains and personality test. Round the years the changing pattern of civil services exam has baffled many aspirants. With the passage of time the structure and pattern of civil services exam has changed drastically.

GS Score is one of the Best IAS Coaching In Delhi which is scripting saga off success round the years. The philosophy of GS Score is different from all UPSC Exam Coaching. It believes in imparting  analysis based approach to cater to the needs of changing pattern of civil services exam. Through its well designed foundation programmes its aim is to nurture budding bureaucrats instilling the sense of confidence and problem solving approach.

The GS SCORE foundation courses on one hand develop basic to advance level of knowledge the test series help one to apply this knowledge in real life. GS SCORE is an Institute For UPSC Preparation that is committed to provide quality teaching to civil service aspirants.

The one year IAS Foundation Course is a holistic programme comprising of unique blend of prelims mains study courses with provision of test series and current affairs. The unique feature of this programme is that it has been designed as per the changing pattern of civil services exam. The programme helps student to cover prelims and mains syllabus simultaneously with well designed tests that help to grasp the concepts taught. The provision of revision classes and mains updation classes make this programme unique. The mains updation class will focus on covering and revising all GS Papers and essay followed by mock tests.

Program Approach

Class Structure

GS SCORE IAS Foundation Course will aim at covering complete syllabus comprising of prelims cum mains, current affairs and test series. The course will be having a duration from starting date of the batch till mains exam. Coverage of whole syllabus in the time span of about 10 Months. Coverage of entire syllabus of prelims and mains simultaneously with one or two subjects taught together.

Separate prelims revision class through GS Score’s specialized course i.e. "Target PT Revision Classes". The focus of this programme  is to revise the entire syllabus effectively from prelims point of view (GS and Current Affairs).

150 hrs. Mains updation classes once prelims exam is over. The focus will be on covering and revision of GS Paper 1, 2, 3 and 4 as well as essay followed by mock test.

Current Affairs

Current affairs will be covered in integrated manner with regular classes by interlinking dynamic and static portions. Along with coverage of contemporary issues, revision of current affairs will be done before prelims and after prelims for main examination.

Study Material

Study materials will be provided in 4 stages:

  • Basic syllabus
  • Current  issues related to every section of syllabus
  • Weekly current affairs study materials
  • Answer writing practice workbook for each session.

Answer Writing

Practice is the Key to success in civil service Exam. The more you practice the more are the chances of your success in civil services exam. The content accompanied by good writing skills can fetch you good marks in the main exam. However good writing skill only develop with a lot of practice only. To give you more avenue of practice there will be a topic based test after completion of certain topic. This test will comprise of 5-10 questions. Apart from this there will be subject based tests that will consist of 20 questions in each subject.

Test Series

There will be two layered structure of test: Class Test and All India Mock Test for prelims and main examination. During regular classes tests will be conducted according to the session plan.

 Prelims Test Series including 10,000 + MCQs is divided as:

  • Sub-sectional Tests based on single Topics
  • Sectional Tests based on each subject
  • CSAT Tests
  • Mock Tests (Full length)

After delivery of content through mains classes there will be a Mains Test series. Mains Test Series will be having 31 Tests comprising of :

  • 18 Sectional Tests comprising of 20 Questions each.
  • 8 Mock Tests (full length)  as per UPSC pattern
  • 5 tests based on contemporary issues

Tests will include discussion, copy evaluation and one to one doubt clearing session.

Course Revision

After completion of entire UPSC syllabus, there will be Prelims Revision Classes just before UPSC preliminary examination. Apart from this there will be about 150 hours' updation classes for main examination.

Procedure for Online Classes

Online Classes
  • To enroll student has to register on the website using Registration Form or Google Login or Facebook Login.
  • If already registered login with your username and password which you have used for registration.
  • Account for Online Classes will be activated within one working day of Enrollment or before batch Starts.
  • Classes will be conducted online as per the class schedule.
  • Weekly Class Schedule will be uploaded into students account with session plan and doubt clearing sessions schedule.
  • Study Material is into two formats i.e. printed and pdf.
  • Printed Study Material, if any will be dispatched by courier within a week of enrollment.
  • Soft Copy notes will be uploaded in PDF format into your account.
  • Doubt Clearing
  • One on one doubt clearing session will be conducted with concern faculties on Google Meet as per schedule.
  • Students can put their doubts in chat box given into their account with each session.
  • Students can also interact with faculty though phone or whatsApp for doubt clearing.
  • After evaluation of mains test copy, one on one discussion with respective faculty will be done on phone.
  • Prelims Test Series
  • Test schedule will be given in advance. Test will be activated on the scheduled date.
  • Once a test is activated you can write it as per your suitable time (Flexible Test Timings).
  • Tests will be submitted once you click the submit button or it crosses the time limit.
  • After submission of the test you will get your score and All India Ranking.
  • Detailed model answers will be provided.
  • Your score and performance chart will be available in your "My Account" section for future access.
  • Mains Test Series
  • Tests will be uploaded in PDF format in your account.
  • To write the test students have to download the PDF of test paper booklet or write the test in A4 sheet with proper spacing as per UPSC pattern. After writing the test send us back scanned copy in pdf format for evaluation.
  • Further evaluated test copy will be sent back to the students within 15 days after receiving the answer sheet.
  • Test discussion video will be uploaded into your account on the scheduled test date.
  • Once student will receive evaluated copy, one to one discussion with concerned faculty/experts will be arranged via phone call or live interaction.
  • CSE Result 2019


    vishakha yadav

    AIR Rank : 6, CSE Result 2019

    sanjita mohapatra

    AIR Rank : 10, CSE Result 2019

    gunjan singh

    AIR Rank : 16, CSE Result 2019

    nupur goel

    AIR Rank : 11, CSE Result 2019

    swati sharma

    AIR Rank : 17, CSE Result 2019

    pratyush pandey

    AIR Rank : 21, CSE Result 2019

    patki mandar jayantrao

    AIR Rank : 22, CSE Result 2019

    chandrajyoti singh

    AIR Rank : 28, CSE Result 2019

    pari bishnoi

    AIR Rank : 30, CSE Result 2019

    navneet mann

    AIR Rank : 33, CSE Result 2019

    abhishek augustya

    AIR Rank : 38, CSE Result 2019

    ruchi bindal

    AIR Rank : 39, CSE Result 2019

    dipankar choudhary

    AIR Rank : 42, CSE Result 2019

    kulkarni ashutosh c

    AIR Rank : 44, CSE Result 2019

    pedditi dhatri reddy

    AIR Rank : 46, CSE Result 2019

    ashish kumar

    AIR Rank : 53, CSE Result 2019

    mukund kr

    AIR Rank : 54, CSE Result 2019

    aranyak saikia

    AIR Rank : 59, CSE Result 2019

    saurav pandey

    AIR Rank : 66, CSE Result 2019

    roma srivastava

    AIR Rank : 70, CSE Result 2019

    chandrima attri

    AIR Rank : 72, CSE Result 2019

    katta ravi teja

    AIR Rank : 77, CSE Result 2019

    shashwat tripurari

    AIR Rank : 78, CSE Result 2019

    darpan ahluwalia

    AIR Rank : 80, CSE Result 2019

    shruti srivastava

    AIR Rank : 82, CSE Result 2019

    jivani kartik nagjibhai

    AIR Rank : 84, CSE Result 2019


    AIR Rank : 86, CSE Result 2019

    muskan jindal

    AIR Rank : 87, CSE Result 2019

    anisha tomar

    AIR Rank : 94, CSE Result 2019

    shikhar choudhary

    AIR Rank : 97, CSE Result 2019

    y megha swaroop

    AIR Rank : 98, CSE Result 2019

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