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GS Mains Test series for UPSC 2024

  • Mode: Offline & Online
  • Batch Starts: 23rd June
  • Test Timing : 9:00 AM Onwards

GS SCORE holds immense pride along with a sense of responsibility that our GS Mains Test Series have proved its utility time and again. The GS SCORE’s GS Mains Test Series 2024 provides the real-time experience of the examination; evaluation, and marks improvement tips. Through regular test, feedback and Pre & Post Test Mentorship, aspirants can refine their approach, identify weaknesses, and enhance their performance & chances of success in the UPSC Mains 2024.

Course Features

Flexible Self-Paced Tests

Attempt tests at your convenience, following your own study schedule or our expertly crafted timeline.

Insightful Pre-Test Mentorship

Pre-test mentorship before each test to Identify and target your weak areas and setting you on the path to improvement.

Syllabus Revision through Tests

Complete GS Mains Syllabus revision through 18 Tests (10 Sectional Tests, 2 Essay, 2 Case Studies & 4 Full Length).

Comprehensive Video Discussions

Gain conceptual clarity with video discussions that break down each question from the sectional tests.

Model Answers and Hints

Answer Approach & Model answers for each question for quick revision.

Customized Practice Questions

Receive a tailored set of questions designed to strengthen your weak subjects and enhance your preparation.

Strategic Approach for each Subject

Master answer writing for each subject with in-depth strategy discussions that highlight key nuances and techniques.

Thorough Revision with PYQs

Revise thoroughly with subject-wise previous years' questions, ensuring complete syllabus coverage.

Value-Addition Material

Stay ahead with handout (PDFs) on contemporary issues, tailored to the Mains perspective, adding depth to your answers.

Outcomes of the Course

Thoroughly prepared for the Mains Examination with a comprehensive understanding of the syllabus and key concepts.

Develop the ability to write clear, concise, and well-structured answers, crucial for scoring high in the Mains Examination.

Focused practice and mentorship will help students overcome their weak areas, turning them into strengths.

Learn to manage their time efficiently during exams, ensuring they can complete all questions within the allotted time.

In-depth video discussions and model answers will provide a clear understanding of complex concepts.

Utilizing previous years’ questions and special sessions will ensure thorough revision and retention of important information.

Course Delivery

1. Syllabus Revision through Tests
  • Program 1 - Total 18 (10 Sectional Tests, 2 Essay, 2 Case Studies & 4 Full Length) Tests
  • Program 2 - Total 12 (8 Full Length Tests, 2 Essay & 2 Case Studies) Tests
2. Comprehensive Pre-Test Personalized Mentorship
  • Before your first test, benefit from personalized mentorship to gauge your preparation level.
  • Receive a set of customized questions designed to target and strengthen your weak areas.
3. Access to Strategy and Sectional Resources
  • Access to all subject-wise strategy videos, sectional tests, and their detailed discussion videos.
  • You can follow your personalized study schedule or adhere to the suggested timeline in the brochure.
4. Evaluation and Feedback
  • Evaluations within 72 hours of Test Copy Submission.
  • Personalized mentorship will follow within 100 hours, ensuring you have actionable feedback to improve before your next test.
5. Intensive Revision Sessions
  • Special sessions dedicated to comprehensive syllabus revision using Previous Year Questions (PYQs).
6. Simulated Full-Length Mock Tests
  • Full-length mock tests designed to emulate the UPSC exam environment.
  • These tests help you practice at the required speed and accuracy, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the final exam.
  • Online Fee

    ₹ 15,000/-


  • Offline Fee

    ₹ 15,000/-


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