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Weekly Current Affairs: Week -2 April 2021
Weekly Current Affairs: Week -1 April 2021
Weekly Current Affairs: March 2021 Week -5

Current Affairs are essential for the preparation of the UPSC CSE examination. The UPSC prelims and mains examination demand conceptual clarity of current affairs. Clearing the UPSC CSE examination requires a complete, holistic, and comprehensive understanding of concepts in the news and current affairs which has been provided by GS SCORE in very crisp and meticulous notes covering all notable and crucial national and international current affairs.

We provide a weekly summary of the current affairs which consist of the daily newspapers ( The Hindu, Indian Express, etc), the pib compilation, and various government magazines. A monthly compilation of RSTV Debates, Yojana, and the Kurukshetra are also uploaded. The compilations cover only the most useful and expedient topics that will undeniably accomplish the purpose and objective of the aspirants of learning and enhancing their overall knowledge for the exams. This comes in handy while making UPSC notes.

GS scores current affairs are made keeping in mind the changing nature of the questions asked in UPSC Prelims as well as UPSC Mains Examination. The current affairs are aligned with the UPSC Syllabus. All the topics are given special coverage and the static portion of the syllabus is linked with the contemporary topics to ensure maximum coverage of the syllabus.

Current Affairs Quiz is also uploaded weekly for students to test the level of their preparation. All India Ranking along with the detailed explanation and supplementary notes for the topic is provided.

This innovative approach helps students to develop the ability to solve MCQ on the exam day. With UPSC Prelims 2021 examination just around the corner, special attention needs to be given to solving more questions.

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