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Mastering the UPSC IAS Exam involves a comprehensive strategy, with a crucial emphasis on staying updated with current affairs. Often feared by students, this component is dynamic and unpredictable, creating a huge gap between reading the newspaper and effectively utilizing Current Affairs for UPSC examination.

GS SCORE GS Analyst Daily current affairs for UPSC is your ultimate destination for current affairs that keep you ahead in your UPSC preparation journey. We offer comprehensive resources tailored specifically for UPSC aspirants, including Daily UPSC current affairs for Prelims and Mains, Weekly Current Affairs Classes, In-depth Analysis, and daily prelims current affairs MCQs quizzes.

From daily editorials to insightful articles, we cover all aspects of current affairs for UPSC preparation, ensuring you stay well-informed about the latest developments nationally and internationally. Don't miss out on the opportunity to strengthen your knowledge and analytical skills with our comprehensive coverage of the latest current affairs. Start exploring now to maximize your chances of success in the UPSC examination.


Online voting, an idea that holds promise
The landscape of governance and civic engagement has been evolving rapidly with the advent of digital technologies. From banking to e-commerce, various sectors have embraced automation and digitizatio...
‘Most micro entrepreneurs lack training; SC, ST aspirants face greater knowledge gap’
Micro-entrepreneurship in India faces hurdles of inadequate training and knowledge gaps, exacerbating disparities among marginalized communities. A recent survey by Bhartiya Yuva Shakti Trust reveals ...
IMF raises India’s GDP forecast to 6.8% for FY25
With an anticipated surge in domestic demand, the IMF now estimates India's GDP growth to reach 6.8 percent, marking an upward revision of 30 basis points from its previous forecast. This adjustment r...
Run-up to Ottawa: Arctic a ‘hemispheric sink’ for chemicals & plastics; 13 million people in region at risk, says report
A report released ahead of negotiations for a Global Plastic Treaty in Ottawa, Canada, highlights the Arctic's alarming status as a repository for chemicals and plastics. The region's 13 million inhab...
checkerboard wrasse (Halichoeres hortulanus)

Three fish species that live in the Laccadive Sea, off the southwest corner of the Indian coast, are capable of using tools.

Flood in UAE

UAE receives its highest rainfall in 75 years, with 1.5 year’s worth of rain falling over Dubai in 24 hours.

Green Bonds

Government of India is likely to issue 20000 cr- 25000 cr of green bonds for which it has allowed Foreign institutional Investors (FIIs) to invest in it.

Imported Inflation

The Asian Development Bank recently warned that India could face imported ination as the rupee could depreciate amid the rise in interest rates in the West.

S. No. Term About 1.     Greenwashing Greenwashing is a marketing technique that deceives the public into believing that a company's products, polic...
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