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ITS 2024 - 1 Year Integrated Test Series (Prelims and Mains), Batch Starts: 12th June.
GS Mains Classes 2024, Morning Batch Starts: 12th June & Evening Batch Starts: 15th June

Batch Starts: 10th June

Test Timing : 9:00 AM

Mains Test Series 2024: Law Q&A


Law Q&A 2024 programme has a special emphasis on syllabus-examination linkage, exhaustive classes to cover the syllabus, trend analysis, identification of thrust areas and coverage of previous years' questions. This programme will ensure comprehensive coverage of syllabus through Questions and Answers. This programme involves tests to validate one's learning and write answers, making the candidate exam ready and giving special attention to students through mentorship.

  • LAW Optional has the Highest Success Ratio in Optional Subjects
  • 37+ Classes for Concept Building
  • 3 Level of test for Gradual Improvement
    • 18 Topical Tests (10 Questions)
    • 4 Sectional Tests (20 Questions)
    • 4 Full Mock Tests (As per UPSC Pattern)
  • 18 PYQs Discussion Sessions
  • Test Discussion after each Topical Test
  • Doubt Clearing Session after Copy Evaluation for Marks Improvement


  1. Exclusive programme to cover complete syllabus of LAW Optional through Concept Building classes, Answer Writing Practice sessions & discussions.
  2. Specially curated interlinked approach in order to maximize question attempts and score 300+ marks in LAW Optional.
  3. Classes will focus on Conceptual clarity and application of different approaches mentioned in the syllabus.
  4. Topic Wise PYQs discussions to understand the mindset of the paper setter.
  5. Sectional test to be conducted after completion of a section of syllabus and Mock Test will be conducted after Prelims.
  6. Sectional & Mock Tests will be based on UPSC pattern & evaluation will be done by Experts and Faculty only.

Regular one-on-one doubt clearing sessions will be conducted for personalized mentoring & performance improvement

Course Fee

₹ 20000/-

course Fee
(Including GST)

₹ 20000

Course Fee
(Including GST)

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