What's New :
GS Paper-2: New Batch will be started from 21st January, 2022
GS Mains Classes 2023: New Batch will be started from 10th February, 2022
ESSAY WRITING 2022: New Batch will be started from 21st January, 2022

As a student preparing for UPSC CSE, we come across a lot of numbers in static and current affairs. But we are not able to recognize which data is useful for exams, how to utilize this data for our Mains answers and Essays.

Under the ‘Data story’ initiative, data and numbers will be used to cover a series of static and current affair topics. The purpose is to use different, innovative and user-friendly ways to cover various topics to familiarize students with the key numbers that are helpful for both Prelims and Mains preparation. These numbers are related to domestic and global indices, latest data from various reports by the union ministries and autonomous agencies. It will not only broaden the scope of UPSC CSE preparation but using these data will add value to Mains answers and can give students an edge over others.

A few numbers a day can bring lots of change when covered through the entire phase of UPSC CSE preparation. We hope this initiative will prove worthy to the students and will enrich their knowledge resulting in their success.


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