PIB Compilations

When preparing for the UPSC IAS exam, PIB is an undeniable source. The Press Information Bureau (PIB) is the nodal agency of the government of India to broadcast and publicize information on government policies, initiatives, achievements and working of every ministry and department within the government through its official website using various articles, images and photographs.

However, not all the press releases of the PIB are important from the examination point-of-view. So, GS SCORE brings you the filtered and important articles of the PIB, which are key to the UPSC CSE preparation for all IAS aspirants in a simplified and enhanced manner. We cover almost every topic that is imperative for the UPSC CSE examination and IAS aspirants from the Mains as well as Prelims perspective.

A fortnightly magazine allows us to cover all essential topics while weeding out the trivial stuff that is not required by IAS aspirants. Thus, bringing you only the vital and indispensable expositions that are required in the smart study for the UPSC CSE examination for IAS aspirants. The PIB magazine by GS SCORE will help you cover all important aspects related to the examination and help you see the bright light of success in this very attempt.

All the best! Study Well and Study Smart!

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