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Mains Test Series 2023: GS Mains Q&A (Answer Writing)

#Complete GS MAINS and Essay through Concept Classes & Answer Writting

We at GS SCORE hold immense pride along with a sense of responsibility that our GS Mains Test Series have proved its utility time and again. Our GS Mains Q&A (Answer Writing) is a program for the aspirants who need step wise gradual improvement in their writing skills by providing concept building classes, regular answer writing practice, evaluation and marks improvement tips.

Batch Started: 29th August

Timing : 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Program Highlights

  • 45+ Classes for Concept Building
  • 4 Level of Test for Gradual Improvement
    • Level 1 57 Topical Test (5 Questions)
    • Level 2 11 Revision Test (10 questions)
    • Level 3 6 Applied Test  (20 Questions)
    • Level 4 8 Full Mock Test (20 Questions)
  • 4 Essay Test (8 Topics)
  • Test Discussion after each Topical Test
  • Doubt Clearing Session after Copy Evaluation for Marks improvement.
  • Study Material: Applied GS Notes &  Worksheets

Programme Features

Concept Class

For each subject we will give you broader Vision and conceptual clarity of the subject through concept classes. Along with Key concept discussion, it will include detailed schema, strategy and PYQ trend of the subject.

Answer Writing Practice

Tests for Answer Writing Practice will be conducted regularly followed by Revision Tests and Applied & Mock Tests. There will be more than 80 Tests including:

57 Topical Tests (5 Questions)

11 Revision Tests (10 Questions)

6 Applied Tests (After Prelims)

8 Mocks (After Prelims)

Detailed Test Discussion

Each Test will be followed by test discussion by the concerned faculty. Discussion Classes are designed in such a way that they will help in concept building and Value Addition on other related topics of the respective Test.

Personal Mentoring

Doubt Clearing Session with respective Faculty after Copy Evaluation to provide Relevant Insights and Feedback to each candidate as per his/her Performance.

Study Material

Along with model answer of the questions Study Material on the Contemporary Topics will also be provided as Value Addition Material to the Test Series. Subject wise worksheets will ensure active learning.

Course Fee

₹ 28,000/-(+GST)

Topical + Revision + Mock Test

₹ 25,000/-(+GST)

Topical + Revision Test

₹ 28,000/-(+GST)

Topical + Revision + Mock Test

₹ 25,000/-(+GST)

Topical + Revision Test

Test Schedule & Delivery

The preparation for the UPSC CSE is a long process wherein a candidate goes through a wide variety of subjects. It is important to validate one's learning journey at every step as one prepares. Mains Test Series is the best option to do such validation and ultimately course-correct one's approach and finetune the strategy to succeed in this prestigious (UPSC CSE) examination.

We at GS SCORE hold immense pride along with a sense of responsibility that our GS Mains Test Series have proved its utility time and again. Hundreds of selections and thousands of our candidates have been able to clear UPSC CSE Mains Examination and appeared in the Personality Test. IAS Topper Test Copy section in our website is testimonial to this, where we have uploaded 400+ IAS Toppers Test Copies. You can download copies at: https://iasscore.in/toppers-copy

We have been able to mold ourselves as per the changing requirements of the UPSC CSE over the years and have become the preferred choice not just for candidates but also our competition to set the tone for validating mains answers.

Test Schedule

Online Procedure

Mains Test Series
  • Tests will be uploaded in PDF format in your account.
  • To write the test students have to download the PDF of test paper booklet or write the test in A4 sheet with proper spacing as per UPSC pattern. After writing the test send us back scanned copy in pdf format for evaluation.
  • Further evaluated test copy will be sent back to the students in 7 days after receiving the answer sheet.
  • Test discussion video will be uploaded into your account on the scheduled test date.
  • Once student will receive evaluated copy, one to one discussion with concerned faculty/experts will be arranged via phone call or live interaction.

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