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IAS 2024 - Pre Cum Mains Test Series (1 Year)

ITS (Integrated Test Series) is a course to help candidates to plan their preparation strategy and progressively move ahead simultaneously for Prelims and Mains Exam. The course integrates aspirant’s preparation with provision of assessment based learning modules including Detailed Study Planner, Concept Classes, simultaneous Prelims and Mains tests and Personal Mentoring.

Test Started: 05th December

Timing : 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Course Introduction

The Civil Services Exam demands the aspirant to have multidimensional knowledge. It’s often mistaken that the preparation for UPSC Prelims and Mains should be done separately. When we go through the UPSC Syllabus we will find that there are various topics that are overlapping in nature. In order to have a smooth preparation journey one should prepare for Mains and Prelims simultaneously. ITS (Integrated Test Series) will help candidates to integrate their Civil Services Exam preparation from the very beginning and this module is based on assessment-based learning which will ensure that your learning gives you due outcome in the UPSC Examination.

In this module, we will provide you with a weekly study plan to channelize your resources and energy in a targeted manner. The weekly study plan will include the sources to be covered for any particular subject, it will also have a list of score maximizing topics so that you don't have to take extra pain to discover those areas. Along with the study plan, we will also provide you with some self-assessment tests and some reflective exercises to help you know how comfortable you are with a particular subject. Follow the study plan and the schedule religiously to gain maximum out of your efforts and this plan.

Course Delivery

Programme Delivery & Outcome Mapping

    • 1 day Induction will be held to introduce the highlights of the program and what to expect from this programme.
    • Before the start of every subject, Induction will be held to decode the nuance of that subject.
    • To build conceptual clarity and understanding various tools will be used which are listed below:
    • Schema
      • Schema is a model that helps you to understand the scope of the subject and holistically covering the UPSC syllabus
    • Resources
      • Resource mapping will provide a detailed list of sources to be covered for a particular topic.
    • Approach Class
      • The core idea behind this class is to orient the students with the subject and its nuances.
    • Previous Year Questions
      • Previous Year Questions will provide a direction to your preparation.
    • Critical Thinking Worksheet
      • It is a Worksheet to develop the critical thinking of an aspirant and encourage students to reflect on what they have learned.
    • Linguistic Skill Worksheet
      • It will contain questions to develop your command over language and expression
    • Self-assessment Worksheet
      • This worksheet will allow you to assess your preparation before the final day of assessment.
    • Updation
      • To help you in updating your preparation, Value Addition Material will be provided.
    • Assessment will be done to help you know your progress. It will be done through total of 96 tests which will be categorized as:
      • 20 Topical Tests (50 MCQs)
      • 11 Subject Revision Tests (100 MCQs)
      • 5 Current Affairs Tests (100 MCQs)
      • 3 CSAT Sectional Tests (50 MCQs)
      • 6 Mock Tests (UPCS Pattern)
    • 51 MAINS TESTS
      • 34 Topical Tests (10 Qs.)
      • 9 Sectional Tests (20 Qs.)
      • 8 Mock Tests (20 Qs.)
    • Feedback will be done after every test to keep your preparation on track. The feedback mechanism will be done through:
      • Test Discussions
      • Mentorship Sessions


For clearing an examination of such magnitude, skills are considered to be more critical than a mere gathering of information. Hence, a healthy mix of competence and Consistency is needed. With each passing year, this notion has been reinforced by UPSC, reflected by the style of question formation. We at GS Score focus on creating those skills through a curated set of tools that will promote active learning and help in acing this examination.




  • Concept Clarity & Memorization of facts
  • Command over Language & Expression
  • Strengthen the Neurons of Questioning & Reasoning
  • To keep a tap of your Progress
  • Inculcate Discipline


  • Schema & Classes
  • Articulation Worksheet
  • Reasoning Sheet
  • Tracker
  • Training Sheet

Course Fee

₹ 32500/-

course Fee

₹ 32500

Course Fee

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