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Strategy To Approach Constitutional Amendments For UPSC Prelims

The Indian Constitution has been amended from time to time as and when required. Since its coming into existence,  the constitution has been amended 104 times till date. The constitution of India was passed on 26 November 1949 and it was formally implemented on 26 January 1950. Since then 26 November is celebrated as the Constitution Day of India. So far 126 Constitution Amendment Bills have been introduced in the Parliament, out of which 104 Constitution Amendment Bills have been passed. The Constitution of India is the longest written constitution of any republic in the world. It took 2 years, 11 months, 18 days to prepare the constitution completely. From the reorganization of the states on the basis of language to giving reservation to the poor upper castes, many amendments have been made in it. The relevance of the Constitutional Amendment can be assessed from the fact that every year 1-2 questions are asked from this section in UPSC Prelims.

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Strategy To Cover Gist India Year Book for UPSC

India Year Book is Issued by the Publication Division (media unit) under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. India Year Book is an annual publication comprising of the reports of various ministries working under the Government of India. In true sense this year book reveals the country’s progress in various spheres. Because of this it is an important asset for the preparation of UPSC Civil Services Exam. Skipping or leaving behind India Year Book could lead you to brink of failure in civil services exam.

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How To Prepare Supreme Court Judgments For UPSC Prelims Exam

Supreme Court judgments have always been important for the Civil Services Exam conducted by UPSC. The prelims or mains both the exam have questions based on the Supreme Court Judgments. These judgments are often become a benchmark for other cases and verdicts. They also become a beacon of inspiration for the future policies and legislations that are necessary for the governance of country. In this scenario the knowledge of these judgments become quite essential for a Civil Services Aspirants. The weight age of the questions based on these judgments in Civil Services Prelims Exam has increased in the past few years because of a surge in the verdicts recently. These judgments also form a good chunk of Current Affairs as most of these cases are related to polity, economy and environment related issues. These judgments also cast impact on societal issues and problems such as cases related to environment has huge impact on tribes or inhabitants living in the forest or mineral belts. In the same way Vishakha or Nirbhaya case affected the policies and laws related to gender discrimination and violence. Most of the times these judgments give rise to a series of constitutional amendments and laws that are beneficial for the entire society or a particular section of the society.


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Tribes and PVTGs Of India : Significance for Prelims 2021

The tribal people constitute around 8.6% of the total population in India. It remains an important topic for UPSC Prelims Exam as rvealed by the Previous Year Papers. However candidates are often remain puzzled with these types of questions due to unpredictable nature of such questions. Through this article we will try to develop an insight regarding preparation methodology and strategy of such type of questions.

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Beginners Guide to UPSC

One day I met a boy who came to our GS SCORE institute. He was hard working, meticulous, confident and clueless. “Sir”, boy said “please help me as I want to prepare for UPSC but unable to get clear idea about this examination as I am finding myself not very much comfortable with the changing requirements of UPSC.

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Economy Terms : Preparation Methodology And Resources For UPSC Prelims

Economics is a subject that can be an anathema to many UPSC aspirants. However, this is an important part of the IAS prelims and the mains exam where one finds it in the GS paper 3. Far from being a ‘boring’ and ‘confusing’ subject, economics can be fun to learn if you understand it properly. It is extremely important to understand basic economics (whether you are an IAS aspirant or not) because if you think about it, the study of economics is imperative to understand how a country runs. It also explains why certain countries are developed and some are developing. It also helps you appreciate banking, industry, services, agriculture, etc. Economics also helps individuals make decisions in life because, at the atomic level, it deals with the allocation of resources. In this article, we bring you a few basic and important economic terms that are indispensable for your economics study for the UPSC exam.

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The Criteria to Choose Right Test Series to ace Civil Services Exam

Test series serve as an important self-assessment tool for all who aim at cracking the UPSC Exam successfully and join the Civil Services. Thus, it is only advisable to realize the importance of test series for the UPSC exam in time. The sooner a candidate begins to assess himself by means of the test series for the UPSC exam, the better is the scope for him not only to prepare well for the exam but also to beat the competition when UPSC announces the results. But one question often aspirants stumbles upon that which Test Series should be joined and which test series will help you to fetch maximum marks without compromising your preparation strategy. It is a preconceived  notion among many that test series is merely a platform that helps you to consolidate your learning and assess your performance along with answer writing  skills enhancement with better time management. Most of the test series are targeted upon the checking your knowledge level . Test series often follows strict time schedule and section wise completion of UPSC Syllabus .

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Civil services ‘personality test, also popularly known as ‘interview’ is the final phase in the three stages of UPSC examination and is the most important of all, as the marks in the UPSC interview decide the service of your choice. Interview is the least prepared of all, but if rightly managed it can be a most rewarding experience. 

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Is It Right To Name Mucermycosis As Black, White Or Yellow Fungus

Cases of Black Fungus, White Fungus and Yellow Fungus have started appearing in the corona epidemic. But doctors at large hospitals, including AIIMS, say that it is wrong to call mucorumcosis as a black fungus. White and yellow fungus also does not occur. In the past, there have been many fungal infections in patients. But everyone's conclusion is that fungal infections have increased due to weakening immunity in people infected with corona. Corona, uncontrolled diabetes and steroid all three are weakening the body's resistance. There are many types of fungus. Dr. Purva Mathur, Professor of Lab Medicine, AIIMS Trauma Center, said that what is being said about black, white or yellow fungus is a misnomer. In culture investigation, black and white fungus came to be called on the basis of color. Aspergillus fungus develops when the bread is spoiled. In the same way, mucarmycosis is a different type of fungus, it is not called black fungus. Even before Corona, cases of this disease were seen more in India than other countries in patients suffering from other diseases. Warm and humid environment is favorable for this.

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Commonwealth Day : History, Theme and Significance

Usually the Commonwealth Day is celebrated all across the world on the second Monday in the month of March every year. But in India and couple of other countries  Commonwealth Day is also celebrated on May 24. The Commonwealth Day is also known as the Empire Day. This day marks the formation of the British Empire in India and other colonies of Britain.

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How To Start IAS Exam Preparation at Undergraduate Level

The Indian youth are quite passionate about the Civil Services owing to this career is considered as the most coveted exam in India. The main driving factor behind this career is linkage of reach, power and status with civil services. To realize the ambitious dream of civil services lacs of aspirants take up this examination every year. But due to limited number of seats and three layers of exam the competition remains very tough and success ratio remains quite minimal. The exam needs patience and perseverance along with due diligence and dedication. The entire process of exam take almost an year and the preparation demands more than an year for this exam. This is the reason that this exam demands preparation as earlier as possible and it is advisable to start preparation right from start of college.  The preparation should be met with proper guidance and support, because the earlier you get your foundations right the more likelihood of your success in the IAS Exam.

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Cyclone Tauktae : India's Disaster Management Amid Pandemic

A severe cyclone has battered India’s west coast in recent days. The most powerful cyclone in the Arabian Sea in decades, Cyclone Tauktae has claimed lives, destroyed infrastructure and laid waste crops as it raced from Kerala to Gujarat. Over the weekend, scores of lives were lost in the southern states, including eight in Karnataka. Cyclone Tauktae has hit India at a time when the country is already struggling to deal with the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Several Covid-19 centres had to be evacuated. The cyclone has weakened India’s already limited health infrastructure. With lakhs of people being packed into relief centres, the danger of coronavirus infections spreading among them looms. Uprooted trees have hampered transport of oxygen and medical equipment. These must be cleared immediately. The last year cyclone Amphan had also made landfall amid first wave of corona virus. The cyclone Taukte has once again put the question mark over  preparedness of India to deal with disasters . The states of west coast of India has been impacted severly from the disaster. The most important thing to note here is that states affected with this cyclone were also the most affected states  from corona pandemic. Nevertheless, the preparedness and response to Cyclone Taukte have revealed that India need to revamp its protection measures and early warning system.



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