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Changing orientation of the Public Administration Optional in UPSC CSE

Though an old hat on the examination scene, public administration optional remained the preferred flavour over the years, in spite of the ever-changing nature of the examination.

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How to stay motivated while preparing for UPSC

As you prepare for UPSC, your motivation levels will fluctuate, as it is a long and arduous process.

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Clear IAS 2024 with Strong Foundation

Clearing IAS 2024 Exam requires holistic preparation, which starts with building a robust UPSC Foundation.

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Strategy to Read NCERTs for UPSC Exam

Though with prestige, it gives you job security, social status, and a reasonable payout at the end of every month, UPSC is India's most challenging exam, and its preparation is not for the faint-hearted ones.

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How to read NCERT for IAS Exam?

NCERT is generally recommended as the first step for civil service aspirants preparing for the UPSC. Before reading other standard reference books, you should read these.

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NCERTs: Aadhaar for UPSC Beginners

UPSC CSE is a meditative process. Many toppers have realised that it changed their outlook to a great extent.

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How to Cover Public Administration Optional for UPSC

No doubt, every year in spite of varying trends, Public administration continues to feature among the top optional of the selected candidates, both in ranks and in numbers. 

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How a good test series accelerates your Self-study

UPSC Civil Services Examination is a dream of many but a lot of background work goes into making an aspirant into a bureaucrat.

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3-Month Revision Tips for UPSC Prelims 2023

The Popular AI Chatbot ChatGPT failed UPSC Prelims Exam by 30%, still many UPSC Toppers clear the UPSC Prelims with ease.

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UPSC Preparation For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide

The UPSC Civil Services Exam also known as the IAS Exam is taken up by approximately 10 lakh candidates every year. This number is increasing with each passing year.

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Handling Difficult Questions in UPSC Mains

Abstract thinking leads to greater creativity” in real conditions UPSC aspirants do the opposite, rather intense focus and a widening of view are entailed for the examination.

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Stop Procrastinating and Start Doing

The UPSC Civil Service examination is the most prestigious examination in the country and is a dream for many individuals across the nation to qualify.

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