George Lucas said that dreams are extremely important. You can't do it unless you imagine it. Dreams keep you alive, make you different from the crowd; they invigorate energy, warmth and freshness and consciousness in you that keep you restless unless and until you don’t finish the post you aimed at.

Since the end of the Cold War and the increased interdependence resulting from the globalization process, the field of international relations has faced major challenges to its core theoretical structure. It no longer revolves solely around the realist issues of war and security, but rather, international relations has broadened to include traditionally liberal concerns, such as the international political economy, socioeconomic development, human rights, non-state actors, and civil society. Apart from the two main theories of realism and liberalism, the feminist theory brings new perspectives to the international relations table.

While realism was not initially the dominant perspective in International Relations, historically, it has been the dominant tradition in the discipline and perhaps it is for this reason that it has been subjected to so much criticism. Liberalism and structuralism can both be used to develop a critique of realism. In more recent years realism has been subjected to complicated critiques from Critical Theorists, postmodernists, feminists, social constructivists and Green theorists amongst others. Some of the major points of Criticisms against Realism

Integrity is a personal choice, an uncompromising and consistent commitment to honour moral, ethical, spiritual and artistic values and principles. Integrity compels us to be socially conscious and to welcome both personal and professional responsibility. Its values encourage us to be honest in all our dealings and committed to a lifelong search for truth and justice.

Before you should know how to become IAS, it is also important to know why you want to become IAS because that will sail the candidate through the long and turbulent journey of UPSC civil service examination. The reason can be anything but should be strong enough to keep you away from the distractions.

Due to the unpredictability of the UPSC Civil Service Exam wherein you cannot afford to make selective study purely based on previous years question papers.

Appearing for civil services has always been a tough decision to make and an act of courage in itself which demands a strong character and steely nerves. This is basically because of three reasons:

Because of the vastness of the IAS exam syllabus associated with it, wherein you are expected to know almost everything under the sun. Now the new dimension in the whole civil service preparation strategy is about your concept integration approach.

What is a good Mains answer? Million dollar question! Especially in the given scenario when good marks in IAS Mains Exam is distant dream. Mains examination questions of general studies unfolded many thing, about word limit, approach to the questions, analytical demand of the question, and many turn and twist attached to most of the question in the form of common instructions i.e. Analyse, Critically analyse, discuss, evaluate, explain etc. these are called directives of questions.

Analysis of UPSC Preliminary Examination pattern established that PT has become a different game altogether. A tough examination has become tougher as concepts are being asked indirectly linked through current issues, complexity has increased and number of erratic questions is increasing.  In this light there are two pertinent questions which demand immediate answer: