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How does the micro syllabus make you ready for the UPSC CSE?

The journey toward success in the prestigious UPSC Civil Services Examination and becoming an officer starts with the right approach and understanding of the demands of the exam. The first and foremost strategy in this long journey is having a comprehensive understanding of the Syllabus to a micro level. Always sticking to the UPSC syllabus is one of the success mantras of becoming an officer and all IAS exam toppers swear by it. With the point of view of importance of UPSC syllabus, it becomes quite important to understand it thoroughly. While going through the UPSC syllabus, we find that the topics are just introduced but not discussed in detail and UPSC asks questions from every possible aspect of the topics. So to understand these every possible dimension, understanding micro-detailing of the syllabus is very crucial.

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An analysis of UPSC CSE Prelims 2022

The "D-day" has come to a close, as the UPSC Preliminary Exam 2022, i.e. PRELIMS-2022 was conducted on 5th June 2022. Just like every year, this time too, as the examination went to twilight, the anxiety among the candidates rose about various facets of the examination, i.e. the level of questions, answer keys and the probable cut-off. Therefore, to allay fears and provide predictability in the chaos of the grapevine we have analysed this year's question paper and are very happy to share the analysis with you.- The most relevant, crisp and to the point glossary.

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Is coaching necessary for IAS preparation?

Every year, we hear the news of meritorious students residing in some part of India clearing the UPSC CSE exam without attending any coaching. And we ask ourselves the question, whether coaching is necessary for IAS preparation? 

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10 advices would have saved my lost attempt

Lakhs of people in India grow up with the dream of becoming an IAS officer. But such is the nature and difficulty of this prestigious exam that only 0.1% of the aspirants get to live their dream. What distinguish successful candidates from other aspirants are not extraordinary skills but knowing what to do and when.

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How to avoid silly mistakes that you make in the UPSC Prelims Exam?

Every year Union Public Service Commission conducts Civil services Examination, which is a three stage process: Prelims, Mains and Personality test. The first and foremost stage is the Prelims, this is a test of pressure handling and decision making where students usually gets in the trap of UPSC and could not clear the first stage.

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How to ace the UPSC Prelims exam? What is the Guru Mantra?

The UPSC Civil Services exam has three stages. The first stage is Prelims which is objective in nature, the second stage is Mains which is a written examination and the third stage is the interview which is a verbal evaluation process.

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Why is it important to know where you stand before your Prelims Exam?

Union Public Service Commission conducts a three stage process Civil Services Examination, i.e., Prelims, Mains and Personality Test. Among these three stages Prelims is the first and most unpredictable stage. Preparation and general ability skills both cumulatively decide whether someone will clear the first stage or not. So, it becomes very important to know where you stand at your preparation before Prelims Examination along with you should know your position at solving previous year and various mocks and how you can handle the situation.

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All India Ranking - A Boost your UPSC Prelims Preparation. How?

Though UPSC preparation requires an aspirant to study in isolation, yet there is need to know the trajectory of one’s preparation. Every phase in UPSC Prelim preparation holds its importance,from studying solo, to making notes, to revision, to practicing mocks and finally knowing about performance.

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Importance of practicing NCERT-based Prelims Questions

It is said that to build a strong building one needs a strong foundation. The foundation of UPSC CSE is based on repetitive and consistent practise. As the saying goes, Practice makes perfect and after a long time of practicing, work becomes natural, skillful, swift, and steady.

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We always hear “Prelims is all about Practice”, but what is the best way to practice?

“Practice makes a man perfect”, is an old saying, yet it has guided generations towards the ladder of success. The saying is true for UPSC Prelims as well.

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How to read India Year Book effectively

India Year Book 2022 is a recognized book for UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE). This annual publication is issued by the Publication Division (media unit) of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. It includes the report of all the ministries under the Government of India. In short, this compilation is a comprehensive digest of the country's progress in various aspects.


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