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IAS 2025-26: Current Affairs Mentorship Program

  • Mode: Offline & Online
  • Batch Starts: 22nd June
  • 2:30 PM Onwards

Mastering the UPSC Civil Services Examination involves a comprehensive strategy, with a crucial emphasis on staying updated with Current Affairs. This component, often feared by students, is dynamic and unpredictable, creating a huge gap between reading the newspaper and effectively utilizing current affairs in the examination. There is also a lack of Mentorship for the aspirants. The Current Affairs Mentorship Program serve as a comprehensive solution to bridge this gap. It is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and mentorship to effectively prepare for Current Affairs alongside mastering the static portion of the syllabus. 

Course Features

Mentorship Sessions

There will be a Daily 30 Minutes Mentorship Session to Organize your Current Affairs. Personalized mentorship will be conducted on a regular basis to address individual needs and provide strategic guidance for exam preparation.

Weekly Current Affairs Classes

Comprehensive sessions ensuring all significant current events are thoroughly discussed and understood.

All important sources covered

PIB, Newspapers, and magazines like EPW, Yojana, etc., providing a holistic view of current affairs.

Weekly Answer Writing & Prelims Tests

Regular practice to hone answer articulation skills and assess readiness for prelims through simulated tests.

Consolidated Value Addition Material

Curated content offering in-depth analysis and insights into current issues relevant for both prelims and mains.

Prelims Current Affairs Revision Classes

Intensive review sessions to reinforce understanding and retention of current affairs content before the prelims.

Mains Contemporary Issues Classes

Specialized classes focusing on contemporary issues to enhance preparedness for the mains examination.

Outcomes of the Course

Build assurance through comprehensive understanding and regular practice of current affairs.

Develop the ability to utilise current events effectively and coherently, ensuring clear and persuasive expression in written communication.

Refine the capacity to critically analyze information, discern patterns, and draw insightful conclusions from complex data sets.

Gain a deeper comprehension of various issues, including multiple viewpoints and their implications, fostering a well-rounded understanding.

Seamlessly integrate current affairs knowledge with static concepts, creating a comprehensive understanding of the interconnectedness between past and present events.

Cultivate the skill to evaluate information objectively, identify biases, and assess the validity of arguments, leading to more informed decision-making and analysis.

Course Delivery

1. Weekly Current Affairs Classes
  • CLASS DURATION: 5 hours, covering all relevant issues of the week on Every Saturday.
  • MODE: Offline & Online (Live)
  • INTERACTION: Online Students can engage with faculty during live sessions.
2. Meticulously Curated Notes
  • Focused on utility and relevance, covering Weekly Current Affairs.
3. Productive Sunday Sessions
  • Emphasizing output through answer writing and Prelims tests guided by faculty.
6. Personalised Guidance
  • One-on-one Mentorship sessions will provide tailored guidance and feedback for improvement.
7. Specialized Prelims Revision
  • Classes and tests consolidate knowledge on Prelims-specific topics from the past 1.5 years though 100+hr class.
7. Mains Updation Classes
  • o Post-Prelims, revising contemporary issues from the past 1.5 years through 200+ hours class.
  • Online Fee

    ₹ 15,000/-

    ₹ 20,000/-


  • Offline Fee

    ₹ 15,000/-

    ₹ 20,000/-


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Student Experience


GS Analyst is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to effectively prepare for Current Affairs alongside mastering the static portion of the syllabus.

GS Analyst not only delivers current affairs classes to dissect current issues but also emphasizes practical methodologies such as answer writing and regular tests to enhance exam readiness.

GS Analyst offers a comprehensive perspective on the General Studies syllabus through the lens of current affairs, providing you with a competitive advantage in your examinations.

We meticulously cover all crucial sources including PIB, newspapers, and magazines such as EPW and Yojana. This coverage is facilitated through classes, detailed notes, tests, and personalized mentorship.

While GS Analyst offers comprehensive coverage of important information and analysis, daily newspaper reading is highly beneficial for aspirants. Therefore, we encourage you to maintain this habit alongside our course materials.

This unique course is highly recommended for aspirants who seek mastery over Current Affairs. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced candidate, GS Analyst caters to all levels of preparation.



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