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Aadhaar - NCERT Foundation Course

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  • Batch Starts: 29th July
  • Timing : 5:00 to 7:30 PM

Preparing for the Civil Services Exam can be overwhelming for new aspirants, leaving them feeling lost and confused about where to start. The key lies in understanding the syllabus, studying NCERT books alongside supplementary resources, solving previous year's question papers, staying updated with current affairs, and refining answer writing skills

To address these needs effectively, the GS SCORE Aadhaar-NCERT Foundation course emerges as a complete solution. This course offers a meticulously planned and structured preparation strategy, enabling aspirants to build a strong foundation for their IAS Exam journey.

Course Features

NCERT Concept Mapping

150+ hours course to cover and map the concepts of old & new NCERT books in sync with UPSC Syllabus.

Concept Building and Perspective Development

Focus on concept building and developing the perspective and approach needed for preparation.

Exam Trends Analysis

Understanding themes & trends of the UPSC CSE Exam through PYQs.


Regular answer writing practice and 97 NCERT-based Prelims Tests (Topic-wise) aligned with topics covered in the class.

Quick Revision Notes

Crisp & Concise notes for Quick Revision.

Current Affairs Integration

Special focus on linking current affairs with concepts.

Personalized Mentorship

Mentorship for personalized guidance to handhold you to the next level of preparation in a seamless manner.

Outcomes of the Course

Have a comprehensive understanding of the concepts presented in both old and new NCERT books, mapped effectively to the UPSC syllabus.

Develop a strong foundation in key concepts, along with the necessary perspective and approach required for Civil Services Exam preparation.

Gain insights into the recurring themes and trends of the UPSC CSE Exam through the analysis of previous year's question papers.

Enhance exam readiness through rigorous practice and thorough coverage of topics.

Concise and effective revision notes, facilitate quick review and retention of important concepts.

Ability to integrate current affairs seamlessly into their preparation, thereby staying updated with relevant developments.

Course Delivery

1. Concept Building Classes
  • Engaging sessions focused on building conceptual clarity.
  • Analysis of previous year's question papers to identify recurring themes and trends.
2. Answer Writing
  • Regular answer writing practice through assignments.
  • Constructive feedback was provided to enhance writing skills and exam approach.
3. Test Series
  • 97 NCERT-based Prelims Tests, organized by topic for systematic practice.
  • A detailed analysis of performance is needed to pinpoint areas for improvement.
4. Essential Skills and Current Affairs Integration
  • Strategies to develop a holistic perspective for approaching exam questions.
  • Dedicated sessions to link current affairs with relevant concepts from NCERT books.
5. Quick Revision Notes
  • I compiled notes covering essential topics for quick reference and revision.
  • Summarized content for efficient review of key concepts.
6. Personalized Mentorship
  • One-on-one guidance from experienced mentors tailored to individual needs.
  • Personalized study plans and goal-setting sessions.
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