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Gist of Rajya Sabha TV(RsTV)

Rajya Sabha TV (RSTV) is a cable television network channel owned and operated by Rajya Sabha that covers the proceedings of Rajya Sabha (the Upper House of the Parliament of India). Apart from telecasting live coverage of Rajya Sabha proceedings, RSTV also brings incisive analysis of parliamentary affairs. While focusing on current national and international affairs, it provides a platform for knowledge-based programmes for the discerning viewer. The channel offers special attention to legislative business undertaken by the Parliament.

RSTV shows important for UPSC IAS exam preparation are:

1. The Big Picture – a daily show on a topic of national or international importance
2. India’s World – a weekly show on World Affairs related to India
3. Policy Watch – a weekly show on Economic policies 
4. World Panorama – a weekly show on the issues in news around the world
As UPSC Mains has essay-descriptive type questions, these RSTV discussions can be of big help. However, merely watching the Rajya Sabha TV shows is not enough and candidates need to make notes and align the same with the UPSC Syllabus.

Or you can go through our ‘Gist of Rajya Sabha TV’ section which contains easy-to-read notes and summaries from important debates and discussions telecast on RSTV.

Candidates can find all Current Affairs for IAS 2020 at the linked page. If you are looking for the complete book list for IAS preparation, you can download the PDF below.


GIST OF RAJYA SABHA TV (RStv Debate): Ethanol Blending : Significance & Road Ahead

Centre Government has resolved to meet the target of 20 percent ethanol blending in petrol by 2025.


GIST OF RAJYA SABHA TV (RStv Debate):Multilateral Institutions - Need for reforms

BRICS Foreign Ministers have acknowledged that the current interconnected international challenges should be addressed through reinvigorated and reformed multilateral systems of the UN, its principal organs and other multilateral institutions such as IMF, World Bank, WTO and WHO.


GIST OF RAJYA SABHA TV (RStv Debate): Social Media - New Rules & implications

  • On 25th February this year Centre Government had announced rules for social media platforms in the 'significant social media intermediaries' category and provided a three-month compliance window.
  • These Rules substantially empower the ordinary users of digital platforms to seek redressal for their grievances and command accountability in case of infringement of their rights.

GIST OF RAJYA SABHA TV (RStv Debate): Increasing incidence of severe cyclones

  • The powerful Cyclone Tauktae battered the western coast.
  • The cyclone is currently classified as an ‘Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm’ and is the fifth-strongest cyclone ever in recorded history in the Arabian Sea.

GIST OF RAJYA SABHA TV (RStv Debate): Israel-Palestine Conflict- India, US call for calm

Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank say they're suffering because of Israeli actions and restrictions. Israel say it is only acting to protect itself from Palestinian violence.


GIST OF RAJYA SABHA TV (RStv Debate) : Sputnik Light to boost vaccination coverage

In a move that will further strengthen the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic, Russia authorised the one-shot Sputnik Light version of its Covid vaccine for use.


GIST OF RAJYA SABHA TV (RStv Debate) : India-Russia 2+2 dialogue

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for extending help and support to India in its fight against COVID-19.
  • In a telephonic conversation with the Russian President, PM Modi said the prompt Russian support to India was a symbol of our enduring partnership.

GIST OF RAJYA SABHA TV (RStv Debate) : India-US Clean Energy Partnership

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently announced that India and the US are launching a clean energy Agenda 2030 partnership to mobilise investments and enable green collaborations.


GIST OF RAJYA SABHA TV (RStv Debate) : Raisina Dialogue

The 6th Edition of the prestigious Raisina Dialogue concluded recently. Due to the ongoing COVID Pandemic, this edition held virtually from 13-16 April, 2021.


GIST OF RAJYA SABHA TV (RStv Debate) : Tackling Naxal Threat

Chhattisgarh witnessed one in all the deadliest Naxal attacks in recent times along the border between Bijapur and Sukma districts.


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