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RSTV Debate

Sansad TV (previously RSTV and LSTV) is a cable television network channel owned and operated by Govt. of India that covers the proceedings of both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha (the Lower and Upper House of the Parliament of India). Apart from telecasting live coverage of proceedings, Sansad TV also brings incisive analysis of parliamentary affairs. While focusing on current national and international affairs, it provides a platform for knowledge-based programmes for the discerning viewer. The channel offers special attention to legislative business undertaken by the Parliament.

Sansad TV shows important for UPSC IAS exam preparation are:

1. Perspective – a daily show on a topic of national or international importance
2. Diplomatic Dispatch – a weekly show on World Affairs related to India
3. Economic Sutra – a weekly show on India and World's Economic policies; and many more such programs. 
As UPSC Mains has essay-descriptive type questions, these Sansad TV discussions can be of big help. However, merely watching the Sansad TV Debates is not enough and candidates need to make notes and align the same with the UPSC Syllabus.

The ‘Gist of Sansad TV’ section which contains easy-to-read notes and summaries from important debates and discussions telecast on RSTV.

Candidates can find all the Current Affairs for IAS 2023 on the linked page. If you are looking for the complete book list for IAS preparation, you can download the PDF below.


GIST OF SANSAD TV : Perspective: Common Drugs Standards

Indian pharma companies enabled by their price competitiveness and good quality have made global mark with 60 per cent of the world’s vaccines and 20% of generic medicines coming from India. India ranks 3rd worldwide for production by volume and 14th by value in pharma sector.


GIST OF SANSAD TV : Perspective: Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

The recent collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) due to the sudden increase in US‘s interest rates which was taken to curb Inflation was seen as a neglect of the government’s ratings and risks for the people money.


GIST OF SANSAD TV : Empowering Women Digitally

The perspective on ‘Empowering Women Digitally’ is based on the celebrating International Women’s Day observed on 8th March every year. The Theme for this year is 'Innovation & Technology for gender equality’. The Day is also important as it is seen as promoting achievements of multifaceted Women, a call to action for accelerating gender parity and to educate and raise awareness for Women’s equality.


GIST OF SANSAD TV : Perspective on: Remote Voting Facility

The Election Commission of India (ECI) proposed its new Remote Electronic Voting Machine (RVM), which would allow domestic migrants to vote in national and regional elections but has seen concerns about the logistical and administrative challenges to remote voting.


GIST OF SANSAD TV : Financial Stability Report (FSR)

The Reserve Bank of India has released the 26th edition of the Financial Stability Report (FSR), which reflects the collective assessment of the Sub-Committee of the Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC) on risks to financial stability and the resilience of the financial system.


GIST OF SANSAD TV : Perspective on Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill, 2022

In a bid to meet India’s commitment to exceed its Paris agreement climate targets, the Centre plans to table the Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill 2022.  The Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill seeks to increase India’s demand for renewable energy, thereby reducing the nation’s carbon emissions. The Bill proposes to amend the Electricity Conservation Act 2001, last amended in 2010, to introduce changes.


GIST OF SANSAD TV : Perspective: Regulating Online Gaming

A task force has been set up by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to prepare a final report of its recommendations to regulate the online gaming industry in India. Since, then this topic got pace regarding the societal, economic, behavioural and political impacts of online gaming. Thus, legislations and regulations are necessary but with a clarity of thought in the field in which the rules are required taking stakeholders’ into consideration.


GIST OF SANSAD TV : Perspective: Inter-State Border Disputes in India

The Union Home Minister held a meeting with the Chief Ministers of Maharashtra and Karnataka on the border dispute between the two States. Both sides agreed that the States will press their claims further till the judgement of the Supreme Court on this matter and a panel of three ministers each from both the states will discuss on the issue.


GIST OF SANSAD TV : India & Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence

  • Recently, India has been elected as the new chair of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) for 2022-23.
  • Artificial intelligence has been gaining massive traction due to the enormous change in business operations. The trend will only grow further in the coming years.

GIST OF SANSAD TV : New Era in Indian Space Sector

The rocket has been developed by Hyderabad-based Skyroot Aerospace.



The Supreme Court has recently upheld the 103rd amendment to the Constitution by a 3:2 majority ruling.

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