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Topical Analysis

Current Affairs constitute an important part of UPSC preparation. Often some topics require special attention because of their complexity. These topics need specialized linkages of both static portion and contemporary topics.

GS Score is here with Topic Wise Analysis of important issues. We cover distinctive topics that are important in UPSC preparation. Each topic is comprehensively described and covered from the UPSC Prelims Exam as well as from the UPSC Mains Examinations point of view. These topics are also helpful in preparing for the Essay paper. And they also aid while preparing for the interview. These topics are picked from daily current affairs and act as value-added material in your IAS preparation.


India and Afghanistan have a strong relationship based on historical and cultural links. India has played a significant role in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Afghanistan. Democracy and development are the key instruments to ensure that Afghanistan becomes a source of regional stability. This has been reflected in the Strategic Partnership Agreement, signed between Afghanistan and India in 2011, which reinforced the strong, vibrant and multi-faceted relations between the two countries and at the same time formalized a framework for cooperation in various areas between the two countries: political & security cooperation; trade & economic cooperation; capacity development and education; and social, cultural, civil society & people-to-people relations. The commitment is also reflected in the extensive developmental assistance programme, which now stands at around US $2 billion, making India among the largest bilateral donor in Afghanistan. This, by any reckoning, is a substantial amount for a non-traditional donor like India.

GIS and its Applications

13 January, 2022


  • A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a system of computer software, hardware and data, personnel that make it possible to enter, manipulate, analyze, and present data, and the information that is tied to a location on the earth's surface. 
  • This system comprises of Software, Hardware, Data, and Personnel that make it possible to enter, manipulate, analyze and present information that is tied to a location on the earth's surface. 


  • Indian economy is greatly dependent on agriculture, and agriculture is dependent on monsoon.
  • Hence forecasting monsoon onset and tropical cyclones have great importance.
  • Along with other local factors, sun plays an important role in deviation of normal trends of rainfall in India and other part of the globe.
National Monetisation Pipeline

31 December, 2021


  • The government unveiled a four-year National Monetisation Pipeline (NMP) worth an estimated Rs 6 lakh crore.
  • It aims to unlock value in Brownfield projects by engaging the private sector, transferring to them revenue rights and not ownership in the projects, and using the funds so generated for infrastructure creation across the country.
  • The NMP has been announced to provide a clear framework for monetisation and give potential investors a ready list of assets to generate investment interest.
  • The government has stressed that these are Brownfield assets, which have been “de-risked” from execution risks, and therefore should encourage private investment.
  • Structuring the monetisation transactions, providing a balance risk profile of assets, and effective execution of the NMP will be key challenges.
Getting to know Groundwater

24 December, 2021

Groundwater is the largest single source of water supply amounts to more than 1 million cubic miles compared to the 30, 000 cubic miles of world’s streams, rivers and fresh water lakes and moreover this huge expanse of water is available at depths of less than half-mile in an average.

India is the largest user of groundwater in the world.

More than 60% of irrigated agriculture and 85% of drinking water supplies are dependent on groundwater.


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