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Bharat Katha, India's Story of Seven and a Half Decade, is an initiative of GS Score to celebrate India's 75 years of freedom and analyse these 75 years of its glorious history through the lens of all relevant spheres.

This initiative becomes more relevant for UPSC aspirants as it contains special in-depth articles based on different themes of UPSC (i.e., UPSC Subjects).

Together, we are on this journey, which starts a 12 months countdown to India’s 75th Independence Day.

Bharat Katha Documents

India’s History & Culture: Creating a nation
1. India’s gain from British India

The rule of the British in India is possibly the most controversial and the most hotly debated aspect of the history of the British empire.

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2. The British Raj and the Road to Independence

India, often known as "THE GOLDEN BIRD" or "QUEEN’S NECKLACE," was one of the most important colonies of British Empire. As India was politically, socially, and economically distinct from the rest of the British empire's colonies, British policies in India differed from those in other colonies.

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3. Unsung Heroes of India
Culture: the Soul of India
1. India’s culture & Soft power
2. Different Facets of Indian Culture
Geography: Mapping India
1. Issue of internal migration in India/ the great migration
2. India’s partition and a colossal wave of migration
Society: Diverse Elements
1. How India will change?
2. Emergence of middle class
3. Caste in changing society
4. Most Populous vs most young: stages of demographic transition, how southern states achieved desired TFR, demographic dividend to be reaped in the 21st century
5. Secularism and Communal harmony
6. Women Organizations and their roles
7. Indian Women and Innovation
8. How is India’s society?
9. The great Indian challenges (Challenges, gender inequality, poverty)
Polity: The State of the State
1. Thoughts that changed India

Bharat, that is India, now moves another milestone to celebrate its 75th year of independence. It is also a milestone to reflect back on as to what all we achieved in these 75 years, and what more we need to achieve. Finally, we need to articulate our vision, firm up a goal and get people, policies and institutions aligned to the future vision. India has moved fast forward on all fronts, but due to lack of holistic approach, the success of one side is decimated by the ignorance of the other side.

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2. Evolution of India’s map since 1947
3. Amendments to constitution and its impact
4. Landmark Judgments that changed India’s Polity
5. Constitutional Supremacy vs Parliamentary sovereignty: Key judgments, basic structure, etc
6. Role of judiciary to maintain federal structure, Judicial Review, Activism, and Overreach
7. The Greatest Indian: Contribution to different sectors
Governance: Doing the rights things in the right way
1. India and global Governance
2. Civil Services Reforms: Historical Underpinnings
3. The not Untouchables (minority and casteism)
4. Ethnic Conflict & India’s civil society
5. Managing Social Welfare Schemes
6. The challenges of good Governance in India
7. Rural vs Urban Governance
8. Governance in post-independent India
9. The minorities conundrum
International Relations: Growth & Connectivity
1. Diaspora: freedom struggle, role in nation building through soft power and remittances, notable diasporas- (sundar pichai, kamla harris, satya nadella etc)
2. Asia’s next Superpower
3. Shapes of Political Boundaries- from post independence consolidation, boundary dispute with pakistan, bangladesh, recent China's standoff @ Doklam and Finger-5
4. Transformation of India’s Foreign Policy
5. India in the new ‘World Order’
Science & Technology: New frontiers & Beyond
1. Pandemics since Independence
2. Technology: from import/technology transfer for industries, defense, power plants etc. to indigenous cryogenic engine, missiles, Tejas plane, major IT exporter and PLI scheme for industrial exports; quote SEZs, IFSCs etc
3. Strengthening democracy with technology
4. Technology
5. Technology led Citizen Centric Governance
Internal Security: the rough elephant
1. Internal Security Challenges
2. Artificial Intelligence & Security
Disaster Management: the necessity of a country
1. Disasters and Preparedness of India/ Status of disaster management in India
2. Why is India prone to disasters?
Economy: Unlocking India’s future
1. Taxation in India: Genesis, Evolution and Current Perspective

The word ‘tax’ has been derived from the Latin word taxare or taxo, meaning ‘to assess the worth of something’. Taxation in any economy is an essential part of financial management as any government of the world requires huge revenue to manage and run its administration, spend money on essential public services such as health and education and infrastructure such as roadways

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2. The growth challenge
3. The future of Indian agriculture
4. Evolution of India/India’s growth story
5. External and Internal Goods: Self sufficiency in food- imports of food produce, green revolution, white revolution to food self sufficient, food processing and major exporter of horticulture, cereals, milk etc.
Environment: A matter of Survival
1. Environmental governance: India’s changing scenario
2. When will India get independence from environmental pollution?
3. The laws of environment related issues/ Evolution of environmental laws of India

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